Review: John Shuttleworth at The Lowry

Retirement shock: We will report more as Developments come in -IDSW
We might not like the thought of it, but it's time to say farewell to the gentleman of British comedy.
Sheffield fella and Mancophile John Shuttleworth and his trusty Yamaha keyboard are doing one final jaunt around the country before he donates his instrument to the 'old folk's home' - in apparent preparation for his own arrival there when he'll resume his entertainment duties in the communal lounge.
For over 30 years, John - aka Graham Fellows - has been lightening the mood by delving deeply into his daily trifles for explanation or a solution. As he stares down the barrel of retirement in the puntastic My Last Will And Tasty Mint, his mind has meandered on further still to the fate that awaits us all - death.
In fact, it's that certainty which must befall us all that's forced his hand regarding his departure from showbusiness - a tactic inspired by the rate of celebrity deaths last year. "It's too dangerous," he muses, "in 2016 they were dropping like flies. It's just not worth the risk."
It's in song that Shuttleworth has always mulled over the problems that face him with most aplomb. A whole songbook of new tracks do just that, a collection of bossa nova, pop, and Calypso classics lamenting everything from how bars of soap have fallen out of favour, to our forgotten nans, and the demise of his favourite sweets




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