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Judaism is only 0.2% Of The Population: Is It Really One Of The 'Three Great Abrahamic Religions'?

Does Judaism deserve to be included and spoken of as one of the 'Three Great Abrahamic Religions?'
Considering the numbers below?
What's going on with our Jewish friends?
Interesting to contemplate
Nancy C from Seattle
I am frankly getting sick & tired of the false numeric equivalency of the “3 great Abrahamic religions” considering the actual breakdown – Christianity leads at 31%, Islam is 2nd with 22% and Judaism is 11th at zero.2 % of the global population; 2% of US population. True 40% of American billionaires are Jewish; every Fed chairman since at least William Miller, installed in 1978 has been Jewish; 1/3rd of the US Supreme Court is Jewish and 95% of MSM are owned by Jewish corporations but was it really necessary for President Trump to use his Easter Day speech to rub the remaining 98% of American’s noses in our systemic bondage? Kevin Barret of Veteran’s Today nailed it: “Trumps Easter Message: ‘Jews Rule! Happy Passover!”