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Sacred Geometry: A Laymans Sense of What's Going On On This Planet Plus Some Other High Octane Speculations

All the stone structures round the world. Nothing futuristic looking about them.  It's only when seeing evidence such as holes drilled in stones in Peru the pressure and cutting devices required we couldn't do it today. Also the machined granite baths in Giza pyramids with perfect angles modern engineers would struggle to or can't recreate.

The missing link here I'm getting at is Sacred Geometry. All part of the secret hidden knowledge .
Apparently signs or symbols emanate an energetic vibration into he air such as the pentagram but also Egyptian hieroglyphs including the Ankh symbol which Jenny Agutter wore round her neck in Logan's Run.

I don't know much about Sacred Geometry at all. I do understand that when statues, obelisks, stones get laid at precise angles and distances with symbols on too. Like how the Freemasons designed and built the Vatican and Washington DC and laid out Paris and London too.
Apparently......something gets activated whether it's a c…