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Joseph Farrell at Gizadeathstar: Problems with Sitchin , his Translations and Conclusions

This is a highly interesting article I'm yet to fully read through and absorb. However initial suggestions by Farrell are of Sitchin's limited worldview with regards technology, not seeing past rockets and bombs and planets colliding as what went on in the past.  Joseph Farrell appears to be a rigorous brilliant Truthseeking open minded researcher with no agenda.  Commenters at the end saying he is being too generous about Sitchin, saying he had a ' limited worldview' .  But could it have been more than that? Could Freemason Sitchin have been acting on behalf of the cabal to infuse a distracting deceptive narrative during these 3D to 5D End Times? On a personal level having Sitchin and Nibiru discredited by someone like Farrell is a comfort - Adam ------------------------  I often get asked the question "What do you think of Zechariah Sitchin?" In fact, I get aksed that question so much that I am going to attempt to deal with it here.  Throughout my ancient tec…

Mindblowing Topic: Biophotons. It has been documented that human cells EMIT 100,000 photons per second. It seems these Biophotons are Qi/Etheric Energy. This might be how the healing machine technology works in Elysium with Matt Damon

I think biophotons are interesting things. And from the limited reading I've done so far, mean a photon is much more than a particle of light. It might have Interdimensional qualities too acting as a packet of information. It seems biophotons interact with our DNA. The ' junk' DNA areas I think, and perhaps activate human special abilities. Of course it raises the questions, just what is our origins, who on earth made all this junk DNA and why make it switched off until now? And is Darwinism all lies to misdirect us from real truth about our origins? Quite a lying cover up if this is correct. 

Another interesting question arises:  biophotons interacting with our DNA to activate it. I suppose this is DNA all over the body, the knees, the skin, the heart. As well as the pineal glands DNA? Therefore divine spiritual activation/evolution jump of the human race isn't just the pineal gland? However perhaps the DMT hormone the pineal gland secretes goes round the body and ente…

Reading this I realised from everything going back to childhood upto now I'm a Starseed: Are You One Too?

The Starseed Experience: Traits and Characteristics
Many starseeds have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and typically any medicine, while others tend to have an extremely high tolerance to such things. All such physical tendencies such as these can vary depending on the individual and can fluctuate over time. This is true with most people but starseeds tend to be at a higher risk and must try to avoid withdrawing into escapism involving abuse of any substance (or abuse of anything as a rule) to cope with reality or deal with pain. This can cloud the starseed vision and delay their progress, but if it occurs early in life it can often lead to deep insight and life changing experiences which pave the way for their later awakening. The more awakened a starseed becomes, the less they rely on, desire or can even tolerate certain chemical substances. Most will then continue to make more conscious and positive decisions regarding their health in general.
A majority of starseeds even…

The Adrenal Glands: Adrenal Fatigue, Toxic Metal Accumulation (Chemtrails) and Lyme Disease

When dealing with chronic Lyme disease, always worth realising and remembering that reversing adrenal fatigue and nourishing the adrenal glands can be a major important strategy. If all else fails it should be remembered that Dr Wilson NB science with the hair unwashed at Arizona labs plus the lifestyle strategies can be a major support to the adrenal thyroid gland axis that takes into account 21 st century chemtrailing: something TCM doctors are unaware about and don't realise Chinese herbs have loads of toxic metals in now. - Adam ( Will try and make this blog more exciting once I work out how to paste photos in ) ----------------------------------------- We previously discussed how Lyme disease has an effect on adrenal health since Borrelia infection causes chronic stress. This stress forces the adrenal glands to maintain a high level of function for an extended period of time, eventually wearing themselves out and dropping into adrenal fatigue.…

Nikola Tesla Free Energy being used in Antarctic Bases? And What's Secretary Kerry Heinz Doing in Antarctica on Election Day?

Watching Michael Palins Pole to Pole episode in Antarctica is interesting.  He says only 4 months of the year is possible to be there, rest of the year it's far too inhospitable and bases get closed.

However I do t think that's the true situation in Antarctica. Free Energy Nikola Tesla technology could make a beautifully warm ambient environment either underground or within sealed surface habitation zones. Come to think I it,
If Secret Government Black and Beyond Black scientists and researchers have Free Energy to play with. I imagine they could very easily simulate light sources with similar beneficial frequencies just like our Sun. Who knows what's going on down there in Antarctica ?  Shocking when you think about it when elderly pensioners in England have to decide between heating their homes this winter, or eating. While the technology exists for abundance and warmth for everyone .  How much longer will this bare  faced lying and technology suppression and economic slav…

High Octane Questions and Speculations about just what's going on over at Saturn and what's the story with the Moon and Ceres and Jupiter and our entire history: What the Hells going on?

I'm left wondering just what's been going on in our past here on earth and the solar system. Serious questions are arising in my mind. The people who shaped and created the moon and Ceres wanted us to have these clues to start asking questions.  - Why would they have left these mathematical clues? It appears the Moon had to be this way to enable life to exist on Earth. Earths tilt is because of the moon ensuring an equal bathing of sunlight  - Could these highly advanced Builders have left these maths clues of earth, sun, moon and Ceres because they knew tyranny and suppressed knowledge from the masses by elites would happen . Maybe these clues have been serious time bomb triggers to get humanity to seriously ask questions and question the reality we are told exists around us by our 'Leaders' and society ?
- The intrigue and excitement doesn't stop here. Serious evidence exists the pyramid network round the globe has been an anode cathode network , to bring negative…

Sacred Geometry: A Laymans Sense of What's Going On On This Planet Plus Some Other High Octane Speculations

All the stone structures round the world. Nothing futuristic looking about them.  It's only when seeing evidence such as holes drilled in stones in Peru the pressure and cutting devices required we couldn't do it today. Also the machined granite baths in Giza pyramids with perfect angles modern engineers would struggle to or can't recreate.

The missing link here I'm getting at is Sacred Geometry. All part of the secret hidden knowledge .
Apparently signs or symbols emanate an energetic vibration into he air such as the pentagram but also Egyptian hieroglyphs including the Ankh symbol which Jenny Agutter wore round her neck in Logan's Run.

I don't know much about Sacred Geometry at all. I do understand that when statues, obelisks, stones get laid at precise angles and distances with symbols on too. Like how the Freemasons designed and built the Vatican and Washington DC and laid out Paris and London too.
Apparently......something gets activated whether it's a c…

Space Wars are Happening Above Us Between the Satanist Cabal and Galactic Star Families: Lisa Tully Cutting Edge Intel

From Lisa Tully amazing intel discernment Truthseeking agent:

It could be the good guys, Allies of Mankind or it could be the military complex who are preparing to fight our Star Families.. Its hard to tell right now who is who.. like the light Chrystal like ship I saw above my house a few months ago, really close and time warped out.. I would say that was the good guys.. Um, with the nasa pics, yes alot of what you see is fake except maybe the soho pics for they are not allowing any more feed to be live after sep 30, there is a reason for that…
This is interesting. Streetcap1 found an armada passing by our sun this week. There is a main mothership, three medium ships (yellow circle), and 10 tiny craft (red circles) following it. Look how the long thin nose of the medium craft (above) is the same as the nose on the mothership below it. It looks like they are traveling together, because there is safety in numbers…especially for the smaller craft. Also the medium…

Refusing Chemotherapy Results In 4 Times Longer Survival and Better Quality of Life claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist

Chemotherapy kills 97% of those who take it claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist: Could The Multi Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry Have Been Lying To Us All These Years?

Based on his research in the last 25 years Dr. Jones has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy does more harm to the patients than actually treating the cancer. He says that people who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average around 12 years longer than people who accept the chemotherapy treatment, most patients undergoing chemotherapy die in time frame of 3 years since they are diagnosed with cancer and some much faster than that (within few weeks since being diagnosed.) 
He also claims that patients with breast cancer who reject treatment live four times longer than those who undergo chemotherapy.


Adam - With all the billions and trillions of pounds and dollars raised over the last 60 years in the 'War On Cancer' with cancer charity fundraising drives, cancer marathons, donation appeals, ta…

Elon Musk SpaceX Shootdown: Cobra 2012 Portal blog Exposed?

In an interesting development this morning, a noticeable contrasting contradiction  in stories has been observed between Cobra 2012 Portal blog here:

And Dante as reported on Starship Earth BP blog here:

This is regarding the recent SpaceX Elon Musk shoot down by UFOs as seen on Starship Earth videos.  I have often contemplated on the true nature of Cobra ( as well as Wilcock/Corey Goode) whether he is genuine or actually an illuminati disseminator of truths woven in with disinformation to deceive the awake Public to distort our understanding of  situations and events going on around us including the ongoing narrative about the SSP and Space Wars  taking place above …

Quantum Entanglement and ESP: Lockheed Executive CEO Ben Rich reveals how the Interstellar Intergalactic Secret Space Programmes work.

This is all very good and interesting. And I sense, has all or a lot of truth in it. Call it my sixth, seventh or eighth sense but I am always suspicious about info leaks like this. Even though I'm probably overreacting and it's a truly exciting interesting thing, Ben Richs comments before he died in the 1990s. Head CEO of Lockheed. Paul LaViolette in his 1 hour 20 minute YouTube lecture Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion I highly recommend. Where T Townsend Brown gets discussed st length. He quotes Ben Rich of Lockheed at the beginning of the lecture    Adam

When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The questioner responded with, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said, “That’s how it works!”

Interesting to think about, isn’t it? Perhaps the vast distances that exist between planets, solar systems and more isn’t really as much of a barrier as we thought it was.…

Remembering 15 years ago: The Black Magicians Haven't achieved what they hoped despite the destruction and Now their tricks won't work 15 years later if they try this crap again. Humankind is Awakening

It doesn't matter and isn't helpful to get endlessly dragged down in, chasing our tails , were they brought down by explosives. Or mini nukes. Or by scalar Tesla weaponry that officially doesn't exist. It doesn't matter.  Tapnewswire Tapblog today is saying the planes were actually holograms. Maybe this is true who knows. 
But that's not the point.
The people that planned and orchestrated this on this day with the two sacred numerology numerals for Manifestation put on screens today all around the world seen by billions of consciousnesses ( Schroedingers Cat. Princeton random number generators proving the Consciousness field ).

Sorry I digress. The people that did this have laid a labyrinthine Byzantine web of disinformation traps and cul de sacs so most people haven't a clue what to make of their awakening suspicions and out of tiredness confusion boredom or desperation lapse back and go back to sleep into BBCNews24land reality imprinting believing hypnosis mode…