Sacred Geometry: A Laymans Sense of What's Going On On This Planet Plus Some Other High Octane Speculations

All the stone structures round the world. Nothing futuristic looking about them.  It's only when seeing evidence such as holes drilled in stones in Peru the pressure and cutting devices required we couldn't do it today. Also the machined granite baths in Giza pyramids with perfect angles modern engineers would struggle to or can't recreate.

The missing link here I'm getting at is Sacred Geometry. All part of the secret hidden knowledge .
Apparently signs or symbols emanate an energetic vibration into he air such as the pentagram but also Egyptian hieroglyphs including the Ankh symbol which Jenny Agutter wore round her neck in Logan's Run.

I don't know much about Sacred Geometry at all. I do understand that when statues, obelisks, stones get laid at precise angles and distances with symbols on too. Like how the Freemasons designed and built the Vatican and Washington DC and laid out Paris and London too.
Apparently......something gets activated whether it's a channelling of Leyline Etheric energy power for good or evil ( evil for quite a while on this planet now but things are changing).  Or causing Interdimensional vortex points toget activated I'm not sure.
However even all this is I think not the full use of Sacred Geometry.  I think Stargates and stone monoliths can become Spaceships activated when the right symbols are In place relative to each other possibly at certain astrological times too and perhaps too a special crystal might be needed to activate it all.

So Sacred Geometry I think is real physics with real power. And Luciferians who seem to have  taken over in past centuries are using all this for their Dark demonic intentions.   I do think a multidimensional Interdimensional battle is and has been going on on this planet for a very long time.

I imagine only a very small proportion of Freemasons know  all the Sacred Geometry secrets. Jesuits Globalists Kabbalists are into all this and the security services.
I think 33rd degree Freemasons are called masons and not Freeplumbers or Freefishmongers or Freeboatbuikders but Masons.  Because of the metaphysical power of Sacred Geometry.
However changes seem to be happenng in our galaxy central sun related and perhaps other things. Means the evil high priesthoods starting back in Babylon and Ancient Egypt who suppressed all this and manipulated the world something is forcing changes and they are on the back foot and possibly the ropes.
I wonder if the Giza pyramid could become activated to become a spaceship ?
I have read if it's reliable... The Mayan Breakaway Civiisations antigravity crafts are  actually made of stone and granite. - Adam


And by the way the VaticanJesuits control and direct Washington DC and City of  London is subordinate to it too.  The whole thing of the Patriot Act and setting up of DHS were Jesuit moves against America.  Tim Kaine is a Jesuit agent so is Joe Biden. And yet we are all still here talking.  There must be some hindering counterbalancing slowing Force of Good at work too otherwise we would be in a real Prison Planet Earth 1984 on steroids .
Whether there's a real Space War Star Wars happening in space now as benevolent civilisations fight the globalist mafias secret space programmes keeping us in hostage quarantine.  Or whether it is spiritual Interdimensional Forces of Good at work. Or maybe both.  I don't think we should despair and I think Putin might really be a good guy avoiding WW3 provocations - Adam


This is an interesting intelligent intuitive blogger at Giza Death Star Joseph Farrell.
He has PhDs in physics and other things from Oxford and asks the basic question: why should we trust the Vatican Jesuit Controllers and Clinton/Podesta on this ufo ET disclosure? They've lied about everything else so we must be cautious. But I sense their backs are against the wall and they're having to disclose


Equally disturbing is the Vatican's alleged involvement. The history, and claims, of the papacy are there for all to see, consider Boniface VIII's bull Unam Sanctam for example; indeed, the universal claims of that institution and the tyrannical and oftentimes barbarous nature of its government and institutions led to the Protestant revolt in the 16th century, and to its excommunication by the Orthodox Church in the 11th. Why would this institution be chosen either by the powers that be or by ETIs - especially non-violent ones - for a "disclosure" event? It would seem, once again, that we are chin-to-chin with the moral dissonance phenomenon again, and in that, there is the dangerous possibility of great deception.
Over the years I've taken somewhat the opposite tack of the disclosure mania crowd, and argued that there may have been good and persuasive reasons for that government secrecy, namely, that perhaps the conclusion was drawn that these alleged ETIs were not friendly at all, but rather, as many ancient records seem to indicate, not only hostile to humanity but positively anti-human. I have argued that in any secret UFO study group, one facet or area of such research would be precisely the evaluation of those ancient texts, and indeed, Dr. Jacques Vallee, among others, stands as an example of one such expert UFO researcher with known connections to various governments' studies who has been sounding a much more cautionary note with respect to the phenomenon. And if not friendly, then the choice and decision had to be taken to be able to defend ourselves, in case the cost of acquiring all of Mr. Mitchell's wonderful ETI technology was too high...
In any case, the powers that be now find themselves in a conundrum, for having lied about the JFK assassination, OKC bombing, the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, 9/11 and virtually every other thing one can think of, why would one believe them on anything they have to say about "disclosure" and ETIs, friendly or otherwise? Why would one believe the likes of a Hillary Clinton, unless, of course, she was of a similar mind and character to that which she would "disclose" and declassify?