Thoughts Create Reality  Dr. Emoto’s Scientific Experiments


On a scale of 1 to 10, how powerful do you think thoughts are to success, compared to hard work, passion, money, character, and charisma? If you’ve prioritized and rated thoughts above everything else, then you’re onto something special.
Are you aware of the following?
Our thoughts (whether positive or negative) define how we perceive a situation, how we react and respond to them, and what we learn from them.
We know that in the end thoughts define our behavior, which when repeated consistently becomes a habit, and eventually becomes ingrained as an attitude towards life?
As a result, our thoughts affects what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities, and hence what we are capable of and will do.
Most of us are aware of that. However, there is something far more special about rating thoughts higher than everything else. It is knowing how they canimpact our lives in the long run.
What if I tell you, that by believing strongly in your thoughts as being the most powerful aspect of your life, you can actually affect the physical reality of yourself and everyone around you?
Yes, directly, irrevocably, affect physical reality!
Well, someone has spent a lifetime trying to physically demonstrate the impact thoughts can have on our reality. And the results and insights are not just remarkable, but transformative.

Thoughts Are Powerful — Dr. Masaru Emoto and Experiments on the Physical Power of Thoughts

Have you heard the adage ‘one is all and all is one’? It is a monist theme that reverberates across human history. Different religions and belief systems speak of our interconnectedness to the world around us and to one another as living beings. But how are we connected?
One recent explanation has been through quantum mechanics, and how our collective conscience can affect our lives.
Then there was an indirect hypothesis by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who set out to understand the impact our thoughts can have on water. He spent the entire decade of the 1990’s performing experiments to see how positive and negative thoughts can alter the properties of water.
His experiments are simple and powerful.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s Experiments

Dr. Emoto filled multiple containers with water, and to each, he directed either positive or negative thoughts — both written and verbal. He wrote either positive or negative words on the container, spoke to them positively or negatively, or played positive and negative music to the container.
For instance, saying positive statements such as “Thank You”, “I love you”, “I am grateful for you” to one container while making negative statements such as “I hate you”, “I will hurt you”, “Get away from me!” etc. to another.
In a similar vein, he directed music with positive or negative tones and lyrics towards another set of containers.
Each experiment was conducted for a specific time. At the end of the experiments, he collected samples of water from each container and froze them. The crystals were then photographed.

The Results of the Experiments

Dr. Emoto found that samples of water that were treated to positive thoughts and intentions formed clear and beautiful ice crystals, whereas those exposed to negative thoughts and intentions showed negative and ugly patterns.
Here is a video showing the photographed crystals:

In Conclusion

Given that 90% of our body mass is made of water, imagine how our thoughts and intents about ourselves and about people around us dramatically alter our own auras, and empower others.
This is where positive affirmations come into play: these are the positive thoughts that we say to ourselves, which both cleanse and strengthen our personal auras and those of people we care about and love.
So, the next time you dive into introspection and come out with better understanding of your insecurities and limiting beliefs, simply transform them into positive mantras about change and empowerment for yourself. Then repeat them to yourself each day and observe how over time, your physical reality starts to transform and change.


  1. A few interesting points from Dr Wilsons sep 2016 updated detoxification article:
    1. It takes loads of energy to detoxify the body.

    3. Detoxify now, while you are young, even if your 70. This is because as a person grows older, the amount of Etheric or life energy diminishes. As a result, as we age, there is less energy available for healing so it is harder to get well.

    4. Use as many methods of detoxification as you can at one time, provided they are integrated. However, in many cases, the methods of detoxification conflict with each other and this negates some or all of their benefits.

    5. Make the body more yang. This, in itself, is a powerful detoxification method today for most people because their bodies are too yin. The yang method of toxin removal is to contract the body, which literally squeezes out poisons. It is like ringing out your clothes to remove the water and soap.

    6. Let go of negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, guilt, anger and victim hood. If you do not do this, you will tend to hold on to certain toxins in the body. For example, iron toxicity is associated with anger. As you let go of your anger and forgive people, it will help the body to remove toxic forms of iron. In this way, there is a close connection or correlation between emotions, thoughts, and toxic metals in the body.

    8. To assist detoxification, support the eliminative organs. These are the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, enzyme pancreas, and skin. Supporting and healing the liver and large intestine are among the main benefits of coffee enemas.

    9. Balancing the mineral ratios greatly assists detoxification. This occurs for many reasons. Balancing the mineral levels and ratios in the hair (not the blood) optimizes enzyme activity, balances yin and yang, and mobilizes toxins for other reasons, as well.

  2. However there are methods to top up and bring in new environmental Etheric energy into tge body, on top of what we are born with. Breathing exercises, food choices and other things can help bring in more from the limitless ocean of energy that's all around us.
    Just like Townsend browns Supercapacitors access this sea of energy to power the craft. It is rumoured there is 100MW available in every cubic foot of space according to Paul Laviolette

  3. About Emotos Research:
    And could this strange metaphysical truth ( if true ) of how reality works actually be being used against us by our rulers and leaders and the BBC etc? Seeing as no one realises or understands how thoughts can influence water ice crystals and rice like this.

    Of course as well. This has big implications for the health and healing effects of being in love with someone, and having it returned. What effects could someone else's passionate love have on our water,and ours on theirs? Very interesting to contemplate


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