Falling In Love And DMT Production: Beautiful Interdimensional Synergy The Way God Designed And Reason He Put Us On This Earth

IDSW-  The Interdimensional Magic of falling in love. That amazing all enveloping multidimensional feeling of having warm syrup poured on your head from above, getting to know someone's mind, being enthralled at falling for their uniqueness. Seeing and feeling profound lifechanging wonderfulness in their eyes that are gateways to the soul and multidimensions. But a feeling of peace and calm and deep relief and excitement at having found someone. is something truly that defies and goes beyond any scientific explanation despite identifying oxytocin and dopamine being active players. Hopefully in this entire process, that other person feels the same way about you, too. 

In this interesting IDSW report, it has been suggested that the DMT Spirit molecule Governments have banned but occurs endogenously naturally in our brains and bodies including in the plant world. Its effects are similar or identical to Falling in Love.  This naturally leads us therefore to imagine the tremendous multidimensional travelling together two lovers can embark on together if both are equally committed to it. A woman's sexual power is a force to be reckoned with and combined with her heart being soft and open and bestowing love towards her partner,  the Space/Time Fabric Etheric Field transforms and causes tremendous bliss, healing, bonding and transport them both to Heaven on Earth - IDSW

Plants can increase your DMT production. So can love. Put them together and codes become clear, mysteries start to get solved, and puzzle pieces are lit up and revealed – synchronistically and the angels of all worlds begin to sing their songs.

Love compounds leads to an increase of DMT in the body. Or maybe they are the same thing! either way it leads to a Chiasm. The strength of that Chiasm depends on how well and true you love. The plants benefit by the compounds released into the environment. The chain reaction from there is global. The feeling of all the above is then evolved to an epiphany

Love is an all invasive field. So is DMT. It is in everything. It just has to be woken up. Literally, as in, you have to actually FEEL it. Not just give lip service. Your body will not respond the same way, the key elemental compounds will not be activated and you will not be turned on. Ever have an orgasm if you aren’t turned on? You have to fake it. You cannot fake the chemistry that opens you up to transcend

First of all, an understanding of the very nature of female sexual essence needs to be explored. A woman is, in essence, YIN. Like the ocean she is deep, mysterious, watery. Feminine sexual power can be frightening, from having the power to host another life within her to accessing what seems like limitless bliss. In the Taoist traditions YIN is considered inexhaustible, cool, earthy, receptive and fertile

The ancient art of ambrosia (female ejaculation) is a resurging mystery that intrigues more and more modern-day people. Esoteric traditions (Tantric and Taoist) and western science have many perspectives on this form of female sexual expression. Both perspectives have value in shedding light on this at once controversial and mysterious topic
In the esoteric practices of the union of Kan and Li (water and fire): the kidneys (Kan/water) and heart (Li/fire) blend their cold and hot energies, creating a steam which induces orgasmic responses in the brain and body. The more open the heart, the more heat or fire there is to warm up the cool sexual waters of the genitals, which are ruled by the kidneys

The art and joy of foreplay – kissing, licking, stroking, massaging, nibbling, touching and activating the entire body, is essential to getting the sacred waters to rise and begin to flow. Paying special attention to the neck, nipples and inner thighs will activate the sexual hormones. The longer foreplay is extended, the more succulent a woman will become. Taoists are very fond of foreplay and know that with prolonged stimulation, the 3 sacred waters start to be produced

With awareness and warm, loving, heart energy, deep healing can occur as a side effect of this activation. The more open and soft the woman’s heart is, the more she will relax. Both partners can start to breathe more deeply and encourage sounds to come from deep within the body. The activation of the throat center (voice) also lends to opening this gate. In the Tantric traditions the throat chakra and sex chakra are intricately linked and effect each other
The opening of all three gates is a very powerful experience for both partners. Making love afterwards is incredibly sacred and quite different in its expression then regular intercourse. It is much easier to access ‘higher orgasm’ in this state. Higher orgasm involves valley orgasms (multi-orgasms) which never really peak, simply rising higher and higher with intermittent periods of stillness and expansion. Lovers may choose to stop at this point and breathe and rest together

The journey into the ancient art of ambrosia activation is precious and deeply healing not only for the couple, but also for the Divine Feminine essence that lives in all beings. Activating the 3 gates in this sequence is only one of many, many ways to call forth the sacred waters



  1. http://authentictantra.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/power-wind-exercises.pdf

  2. '' The basic goal of magic is to assist a person to move towards connection with the Higher Self, by shifting authority and power from the outside world to ourself. The shifting of primary support from the external to the internal, from family, friends or anything in our outside environment to ourselves. We learn to rely on our own thoughts and efforts to fulfill our needs and goals. Religion teaches you to do what other people want you to do. To seek approval. When we do this, not only does the connection to the Higher Self get disconnected, but the best part of us dies. Our fire and enthusiasm for life goes out. We surrender ourselves to belong.

    This is why governments love religion. Not only did they create religion, but they know with religion in our lives we will surrender ourselves to any outside force. They even make laws for freedom of religion and tell us to have religious tolerance. So basically we have the freedom to be ignorant and if we want to be, other people have to put up with us. We put up with this because we value being liked by others above the judgement of our own minds.

    Being in communication with your Higher Self does not mean go out and live like a hermit. Don’t go live in the woods by yourself. We are social beings and we learn from each other. We need other people to help us fulfill our goals. Self and other are mutually necessary for each other. Problem is, the people who know what religion has done to the minds of this world use the masses for control and their own personal greed. Being in communication with our Higher Self we understand we our ultimately in charge of our own lives, no one else is here to serve us.

    We are in charge of our own mind and no one else’s mind, but we need to work in cooperation with others to live in this world. Not using others for our own greed. They help you with your goals and you help them with their goals. We learn from others, but we do not grant them authority over our mind. Other people may learn from us, but we do not try to control them.
    I found out personally that being awake and not connected to the Higher Self is miserable.


    1. This is Sha'Tara and this should be as good a place as any to begin. I'm sure it'll ask me to sign in eventually?
      From your comment on Lou's page: "I’m no spiritual adept. In fact I have trouble even meditating to get out into the ‘space;. beyond this linear time realm, where all the amazing things to perceive you describe exist. All I'm doing on the spiritual path is just trying to be healthy, and eat healthy, and detoxify, and try and be a nice person inside acting from my deep inner core at all times. Now during these End Times. I feel its way too late now Hopefully though my heart and spirit is strong and pure enough, I will be catapulted into a beautiful new world that matches the loving vibrations I emit wanting to help everyone, and give and receive kindness and love to all

      However I’m struck by what you’ve just said. Because even though you say Reincarnation is true, and have experienced it yourself. Which shows you believe in inter-dimensional travel of the Spirit out into the multi-dimensions then back again

      Your exorcism comments confused me. Because it seems to say you think demons (and presumably good and loving spirits and Angels too?) and the whole concepts of entities and entity attachment is false. And metaphysics of the multi-dimensions doesn’t work like I assumed?

      Are you saying there are only our Higher Selves up there in the multi-dimensions , and all other spiritual possession etc talk is a falsity illusion?
      And yet. negative Gods/entities that the aristocracy elites, including the UN and EU elites seem to preoccupy themselves with in ritual worship, seems to indicate a rich teeming multidimensional landscape of lifeforms, of differing frequency/vibrational layers?

      Strange comment window! I'm going to apologize right now, as I don't have enough quality time to properly respond to your comment. Later tonight I should have the time, and by then I'll have worked out how best and honestly to answer your very pointed questions. I do have answers for you (my own, of course) but doing it "right" is what matters.

    2. Hello Sha Tara, thankyou for visiting my blog and welcome:)
      I will read your interesting comments properly when I can and then reply sometime soon!

    3. Plus, I understand, quality time is tight for all of us. Its just nice to chat to you on things as and when time allows :)

    4. OK Adam, take your time; I'm up to the armpits in the proverbial alligators down here anyway. I'll look for your reply - your blog page sends me a notification email, just like WP.

    5. BTW ShaTara, theres an unmoderated comment to you still to come through from lou. Sorry about this, I didn't mean to swamp you.
      Actually though its just some thoughts/points for you to read through about WW2 and Jews and Nazis I hope youll find of interest. No need for you to answer it. But I did feel it important to say these points to you!

  3. Touching on points made in your comment. I'm no spiritual adept either, don't do that stuff. I don't "meditate" as in attempting to reach a point-no-point of oneness with nothingness. I've observed too many people who do that stuff and frankly their lives suck, or are certainly no better than someone watching TV and playing video/Internet games. I go with what works - FOR ME. I don't lead, I don't lay down tracks for others to follow. Those who have tried to follow me have gotten thoroughly lost. Basically what I write is more a journal of what I've discovered and tested to work - FOR ME.
    As to spiritual entities, oh yes, they do exist. A famous quote from the letter to the Ephesians says, "Ep. 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
    Out of darkness can come light, and this quote is very enlightening, if thoroughly misleading for those "incarcerated" within the various Christian religions. Little do they realize that one of the local "spiritual forces of evil" is their God.
    What confuses people about my approach to spirit forces is my personal contacts with them. While I do not believe IN God, I am fully aware of God's presence, and reality. I am also aware of His minions, his watchdogs people call angels. Are there "good" angels versus "evil" angels? As below so above: are Democrats good and Republicans evil? Doesn't it all depend where you place yourself, or what you choose to support or "BELIEVE IN"? It is convenient to demonize certain "angels" in order to make your own sphere seem good - you can blame others for your evil and you don't need to prove yourself to anyone, ever.
    Where my awareness and understanding of cosmic reality differs from Earthian beliefs is in the mind world. Within life, all is primarily mind. I know this because all of my cosmic wanderings into past and future lives, and out into the universe and beyond, are done with mind. Not with spirit, not with "soul" and certainly not in the flesh. Evolution, if I may use that term loosely here, goes thus: everything emanates from spirit - whatever that is - we (me and "my" people) call it Life or Life Force. From spirit comes Mind, and Mind is the creator of our manifold realities. Each one of us, each aspect of life created is a mind - not necessarily lesser since Mind does not recognize greater or lesser, just all as part of itself, part of its own "miraculous" creation, or invention. I am a mind, evolving and progressing and learning to create, shape, and enjoy in the same way as does my "forebear" Mind.
    None of this is much of an explanation since it gives rise to more questions than it answers, but the key is in a few very simple processes for one individual mind currently working our a set of problems on a little world at the edge of a galaxy: self empowerment first and foremost, then the forming of a life purpose, in my case being an avatar of compassion, then absorbing information and learning from all inputs. Let's see where that takes us...

  4. You mention from Spirit. It is written God is Spirit yet you dont believe? Interesting...

    1. Hi, I do believe. Just not in organised religion worshipping their demigod 4d beings posing as supreme creator.


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