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Trump & Hilary Plantagenets: I realise so clearly now that investing energy in the material physical 3D Politics Truman Show going on is futile. This is instead a Spiritual War and awareness and the battle must be fought using that Awareness. Spiritual Forces May be Influencing Trump Wheras in the Material 3D world we might conclude he is a Jesuit Crypto Jew and Satanist. Self Buildable Free Energy devices I sense are the Achilles Heel that not only open us up to Supernatural Metaphysical truths. But can be a powerful decentraliser making these elite power games irrelevant

A Time Of Change Is Upon Us. The Veil Between Our 3D World and 5D Spirit World is Collapsing. We WIll Be Fine. The Rapid Spreading Of Self Buildable 10KW Free Energy Devices WIll Very Soon Begin The Social, Economic Remodelling Decentralisation Process Replacing the Pyramid WIth Geodesic Dome Society Structure

BREAKING: John Shuttleworth retiring, he says, because life in the public eye has become "too risky" in light of the celebrity departures of 2016

Sun, Earth, Saturn, Supermassive Earth Theory & Evidence, Catholic Roman Cover Up, And What The Hells Going On?

Ceres: Are People Serious? Including Electric Universe Website? These Ceres Lights Surely cannot be due to Natural Phenomena at all. These Are Secret Space Programme Colony Lights. Take a look

Tesla Scalar Weapons Used on 911 by the Elites Turning the Towers into Powder: John Shuttleworth July 15th Sheffield W.M.C Will Have Dr Judy Wood There To Discuss 911 After The Show. Many Thanks To John Shuttleworth For Arranging This

Physics Liar: A Plagiarist, Communist, Zionist, Fraud, and Frontman For The Fake 20th Century Physics The Elites Created: Nikola Tesla Couldnt Stand Him

Catholicism and Christianity Were Roman Creations To Suppress Humanity. The True Jesus Was A Spiritual Leader Uninterested in Power and Died in 98AD : Nevertheless There is Spiritual protection and Exorcising Power Invoking the Power of Jesus Christ

Young, white males, who are beginning to find their cultural voice again: Western culture is in process of breaking free of Jewish/Zionist/Khazar Frankfurt School driven “political correctness” and “multi-culturalism”

The World Is Changing For The Better. Self Buildable Free Energy Devices Are The Missing Link That Will Underpin This Shift

Evil Troublemakers At The Root Of Our Problems: Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe