Alcyon Pleiades
The writing in this resonates well and seems genuine to me
I ask the question:
Could the Red Kachina and Sitchin and MT Keshe telling us about a Second Sun being seen now and all the apparent second sun sightings, and Tyla and Douglas Gabriel writing about Nibiru and the Schumann resonance on CCRG blog. And Hopi and other prophecies about Red Kachina.
My question is:
- Could these all be part of a deliberate long in the making Sitchin Freemason Deception? Where they've fabricated all this?
- The reason I ask this is Paul Laviolette convincingly describes the Superwave which Cobra too talks about. I asked Laviokette directly about Nibiru Red Kachina Hercolubus and he seemed genuinely unaware and I assumed Paul Lavioleete would know. A guy with his finger on the pulse.
Therefore could Ken at Redefinngingod blog be right and Nibiru really is another cabal Truman show manipulation scam on humanity?
- The reason I ask all this Starship Earth. Is that an Event involving the Alcyon galactic central sun ( Alcyon is the central sun isn't it? I haven't double checked . I can't unfortunately watch the YouTube)
Surely it cannot be the case that's going to happen. And some Nibiru planet second sun system going to hit us too every 3600 years? That's a coincidence too far surely?
It makes more sense to me earth and solar system is moving to a different part if the galaxy. It makes no sense this coincides with some Nibiru. WTF are the odds if that coincidence?


  1. The thing is Lisa when we all rematerialse in 5D New Earth.... All man made things, synthetic things will vanish.
    What will happen then? Will we have no electricity, no shops? No caf├ęs? No means of transport ?
    No food? Lisa our houses and apartments will vanish since they're synthetic man made surely?
    Or will the Star Families provide us with free energy technologies? And help
    Also Lisa this must mean MT Keshes plasma Magrav hardware will vanish, cease to exist.
    Also Lisa does this mean the sophisticated SSPs above earth will vanish too in the 3D to 5D shift ? Or will they then fly down and help us?


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