Language Of Love Meditation

Language of Love Meditation

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There is a flow of divine love energy that is naturally flowing through all things in creation. This flow is made of a variety of messages coming directly from Source, all of them creating the dance of the richness of creation.

This flow of Love comes to us, and through us, in the form of sacred, pure, sexual expression.

Separation of Love and Sexuality is a program created by dark forces.
Repression or hijacking of sexuality are also programs created by the dark forces.

All teachers who had a true connection spoke of the importance and sacredness of sexuality, including Jesus and Madgalene.

Sexual intercourse is an important part of sexual energy, however sexual energy exists way beyond it.
It is our very life force. This is why when an animal or a human is castrated, it looses its spirit of freedom, it becomes a sheep, domesticated.
The dark forces program aims exactly at this, at castrating humans energetically.

Let's take the first steps in removing this program now.

The first key of sacred sexuality is that the energy must be accepted, and allowed to flow within oneself, according to one's own nature. If it is not allowed to flow within, it will not disappear, it is bound to express in all kinds of distorted ways like in a pressure cooker. Only when it is allowed, can it express again its true original nature, which is always positive, loving, harmonious.

This following meditation was created to assist us in re-connecting fully with our sexual energy and its true nature.

 Please read all the instructions until the end before starting it :

1. Find a place where you can be alone and un-interrupted, where you can feel safe and in your own energy, for at least 10 minutes, and settle comfortably.

2. Observe all the movements of energy, all the impulses that are happening in your body. See the original, raw, true nature of all these impulses, see that it is always simply wanting Love, wanting to give and to receive Love, on all levels. See the sexual nature of these impulses : the desire to experience true Love with all your being, physically and non-physically. See this in your whole being : in your guts, in your heart, in your brain, in your sexual organs, in all your chakras, in each of your cells in your whole being.
Allow all of these raw, original, un-processed impulses from Source to express freely and fully within you, to flow freely where they are meant to, anywhere inside of your body.

Take your time to do this.

You can use this music to do this meditation if you wish. The title and inspiration of the song is Rasa Lila, which means the Language, the Dance of Love, between Shakti and Shiva, the pure divine feminine and divine masculine energies.