Auschwitz News: 2017 Update

Hi there IDSW friends! Good times

Gordon Logan says:

Spicer had perhaps been referring to the fact that Hitler refused to use gas and chemical warfare, As for the concentration camps, Zyklon B was used for defumigation not gassing people. Typhus was the main cause of death in Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a factory and the large majority of prisoners chose to walk back to Germany rather than wait for the Red Army. Jewish children like Israel Shahak survived there for years. Other camps like Mauthausen were for ‘antisocial elements’ who were deliberately ‘annihilated through work’ according to the Gestapo documentation. The survival rate was therefore low. Stalin’s NKVD was far worse than the Gestapo. The NKVD was solidly Jewish and the atrocities of the Cheka were Jewish atrocities. It looks as if the Jewish neocons will soon kill many of us in World War 3. Before we die, we might as well speak the truth.

  • NPP says:
    Sounds plausible. I’m still reeling from the Benton Bradberry book. Bolsheviks. Very unpleasant.
    Gordan. I knew a 5 camp survivor. Polish. He wrote a book. Does not mention gas. He volunteered for the typhus block.
    I mentioned him in the chat room at UK Column and some one became upset… typed they knew some one who knew there was gas. I left it – responded ‘as you wish’.
    I suspect there was not. I suspect the story of WWI & II is far from the story I grew up with.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our national taxpayer funded broadcasting service platformed ideas rather than conventional ideology and official story lines.
    At least in 2017 we have platforms such as TAP to share the ideas. The truth? Unless I was there how do I know, but at least we can be free and open to explore the possibilities.
    WWIII does not have to be a given. All our little voices could be part of a paradigm shift. The world is not solid – waveform information and impossible is impossible… blah blah, but, why not?!
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