Our Emotional Vibrational Frequencies From Our Minds Take Us Into Different Timestreams/Timelines Each Day. Everything is 'Frequency of The Mind' . Therefore React to Negative People/Situations With A Positive Powerful Response

Be Courteous, Calm, Respectful, and Compassionate


When you’re courteous, calm, respectful and compassionate you’re actually inviting in these higher beings that reflect these values to spiritually ‘impregnate’ your reality and bring protection and co-creation values.

In other words, you can respond, but respond in positivity, compassion, and self-respect and you will have converted the negative energy of that being into something the grows into fruition of a beneficial time-stream. This will directly drain that entities power supply and they will flee from your confidence in fear or only use up enough energy that they know they can obtain elsewhere in a short amount of time.

That becomes a cost-risk-benefit analysis ratio for their behalf. People have these same ratios, how, they are not often aware of this spiritual battle and the dynamics of these energies, these entities, their own energetic nature of mind, and these realms.


This seems strange because there is no visible ‘cross-over’ point where one goes from an ‘organic’ time-stream into a doorway and then they’re in ‘hell-monster’ land, but this is because all the layers are seamlessly interlaced due to the continuous nature of this universe. The frequencies mesh together and the mind is what enables one to be in one layer or the other while the physical dimension is just a starting point, a seed locality, or the middle-ground from which one’s mind can go in either frequency.

Remember, in this way that actual ‘monster-land’, or ‘heaven land’ is in the frequency of the mind, the accessing of the set of probabilities of thoughts or actions that reflects upon one perspective of self-worth, emotion, free-will, compassion, truth, self-awareness and harmony or a reduced value of those probabilities.


Emotional and Mental Civilization-Wide Healing

This is the time where those with the capacity to truly handle their energy show themselves and prove that they are beyond a doubt willing and capable to convert and redirect the negativity into productive channels and in doing so heal this area of the universe by meshing the original frequency bands together and ending the energetic isolation (quarantine) of Earth and Humanity with the larger expanse of creation. This is the same as when one individual feels separated from the world mentally and emotionally due to these processes and when the energy is restored they feel connected and alive again ready to interact with society.

Earth is going through this process and humanity is just beginning to reconnect energetically. There will still likely be temper-tantrums as the contrast increases but this will only further the increasing awareness and restoration of those who have begun to harmonize and heal their energies by reconnecting with the productive rather than destructive process.



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    We can think of dimensions as waveforms, and the difference between each dimension is the length of the waveform itself.

    The higher you go in dimensions, the shorter the wavelength and the higher and lighter the energy gets

  2. '' So what is it that creates emotion? Its thoughts. Your emotions reflect your thoughts and thoughts are a vibration '' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB3ScXPVi0M&feature=youtu.be
    How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration - Teal Swan

    This ties in with Lada Ray's very useful emotion frequency scale chart Quantum Calibration Scale


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