Free Energy Suppression And Patent Theft, Weaponising These Technologies Against Us: Government Criminals Feeling Uneasy As More People Wake Up

Patent Corruption

IDSW - This disgusting state of affairs we are and have been living under for decades if not centuries spelled out so well by AIM4Truth Anonymous Patriots below. Serves as a catalyst for our minds to highlight and realise the true situation of technology suppression, deeply interlocked criminality that reaches transnationally embedded in all spheres of hierarchical control structures such as :
Energy/Oil Nuclear company mafias; Banking and Babylonian fiat Fed reserve intentional debt to shackle and drown taxpayers in a scam; The Pharmaceutical Industrial complex and all the lies of the Medical Mafia; The Military Industrial Complex with its satanic, never ending fuelling of wars and despair and grief and killing; Church and Organised Religions, operating as spiritual suppression and enslavers of Humanity; Admiralty Law Law of the Sea legal system and Strawman Birth Certificates. Shall I go on?
However, perhaps the most sickening and outrageous fundamental suppression we are living under, is that of Free Energy Suppression and Technological Slavery. This is unacceptable and their lies and scams are reaching the minds and consciousness of more people daily that will soon result in the Satanic Bloodline Mafias demise.
It is interesting to note, how few people, even if they fleetingly might entertain the concept of Free Energy Suppression. Completely fail to grasp or let their minds explore, JUST WHAT OUR WORLD WOULD BE LIKE, HOW IT WOULD LOOK AND FUNCTION, If all the suppressed stolen 5000+ patents stolen by Government and weaponised against us were released to create a peaceful Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome Non Pyramidal society.  Very few people allow their minds to venture to that beautiful dimension.
In Conclusion: Fair enough if the Satanic Babylonian mafia that's been strangling our world for the last few thousand years is ruthlessly suppressing Free Energy from us. Fair enough.  But it is an extremely potent, powerful force alone, if the General Public at least realise that Free Energy exists, and Government is banning it.  Once that concept gets into the mass consciousness, it will be an exponential tipping point making Governments very uneasy indeed.

If an inventor of a patent that is confiscated by the U. S. Patent Office tries to continue work on the patent, that inventor may end up in jail. The rules of this patent confiscation are located in 35 U.S. Code § 181 - Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent, which provides that the government can take any patent and make it secret and use it at their discretion, or just make sure that it never gets developed.
There are strict penalties if the inventor even speaks of the patent after it has been “confiscated.” Members of DARPA and In-Q-Tel provide the Defense Department and the CIA with these “secret” patents so that they might first be weaponized for military purposes. Often, patents are then given to fake companies, supported with U.S. tax dollars, who bring the patent to market. This is what happened with the patent theft of Leader Technologies that was then used by the front companies Goggle and Facebook, which are actually directed by the Department of Defense and the CIA.
Patent theft is only the tip of the iceberg. Industrial espionage is common in all industries. Alphabet/Google and Facebook have seemingly endless money to “absorb” any competition through buying them and keeping competition at abeyance. There are many other ways to “suppress” technologies that threaten the “big” companies, whether oil, tech, pharmaceuticals, agriculture/food, energy production.  Big corporations use governments, especially multi-national organizations, to do their bidding. Big corporations spend huge amounts of money on lobbying governments to “pay to play.”
And when money can’t accomplish the goals, they resort to stealing patents and killing inventors.
Suppression and sabotage of technologies has been the norm since the dawn of the twentieth century when fossil fuels and the petrodollar came to rule world economics. Over 5000 new patents have been “deemed” secret and have been suppressed by existing patent laws. There are U. S. patent laws permitting the government to steal and suppress any new technology (and imprison the inventor) which threatens “national security.”
Under Vice President Nixon, in the early 1950s, illegal, secret patent legislation was written, permitting the U.S. government to steal technology from inventors and/or suppress it should a case be made the technology might threaten the status quo.
The shocked inventors also were informed that they could be jailed up to 20 years if they made the theft of their technology known to the public.

Want to know about the free energy devices that this corrupt patent system is suppressing from the people? See our Citizens Intelligence Report entitled



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    The names of these bad actors don’t get any bigger than those shown in the photo above.  They represent a “Who’s Who” of the Sultans of Silicon Valley.   This aspect is what makes the ongoing crime spree so incredible.

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