Trying to get to the bottom of the West/East NWO Jesus Christ /Antichrist Unfolding Deceptions: And yet Supreme Evil (Satan), the spirit world, and Spiritual Protection are still real?


I put on hold and might withdraw my recent comments about Jesus Christ, and the Yahweh God/ Satan good evil dialectic. I have an open mind and my investigations continue. If you get time DM I really recommend you read Kenneths article here
It appears to be a 3 step deception, and the 1000 yr Kingdom of Christ is what the globalists are after, in step 3 , I think starting in 2023.
Kenneth explains well, how the Bible itself, is a deception.

 Niggling unanswered questions in my mind remain though:

– If Jesus Christ (leaving aside debate when he was supposed to have existed and who he was) is a big globalist scam. And as Kenneth points out why have they waited 2000 yrs before trying to pull the second coming nonsense off? Because its only now, with the trillions of black budget technologies that will look exactly like Supernatural Magic phenomena…..have they been able to pull it off successfully.

– This still doesn’t explain to me. What about the Satanists/luciferians. Like the types in your planned parenthood articles, the master witch going round casting spells for the rich and famous. Also this guy Dublinmick
Morneau, who seems genuine when he explains his past as a high level luciferian Satanist. Demonic spirits would give him winning horse tips to place bets.
Also spirits, he explained, offer tangible real world help for demon worshippers, to become powerful. The typewriters in the law office for example typing legal documents by themselves. That the lawyer would sell and become very well off. many more examples of demonic help for those that sell their souls….

– If all this tapping into evil spirits and supernatural forces is true. Yet Jesus Christ is a Deception. Where does that leave the innocent good men and women of this world, ? If a supremely evil force such as Satan is real? Does it mean we should just drop the jesus Christ belief and simply believe in God, and the goodness and being kind to our family, friends, and fellow men? Is Jesus Christ a globalist deception as Kenneth says? But Positive spiritual forces, God, and spiritual protection are still real?

Your thoughts and guidance on this will be much appreciated DM thanks


  1. BEWARE THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN 2ND SECOND COMING [ Adams comment - But does this mean there still isn't a powerful positive Supernatural Force we can tap into when we say the words Jesus Christ, and give ourselves to Him? Evidence seems to exist, the words Jesus Christ have positive Spiritual power in exorcisms] [ Is it just Judeo Christian prophecy, is Satanic Deception? There still might be something positive in the words Jesus Christ, if we strip out all Kenneth discusses below]

    'Unaware that there is no supernatural reality surrounding the Bible, they see the Occulted Powers scheming to fulfill Bible prophecy and think it is some sort of deception. What they don’t realize is that the Bible itself is a deception, and the people behind that deception are conspiring to breathe life into their creation in order to fulfill their plan for the world.'

    [I must add, I don't disagree with Kenneth at all. I think hes bang on correct. What im to trying to determine: Are we throwing the Jesus Christ baby out with the Luciferian Globalist bathwater?]

    'By helping to raise awareness of this scenario through this entry, I’m hoping that the Occulted Powers will be forced to back off until they can set up another 7 year period, and that would impose a major delay on the full NWO rollout.'

    ' “It is Satan’s job to scare and torture the sheep so they’ll run to Yahweh for protection and relief.” ' [Is Kenneth suggesting here Yahweh/God /Supreme Creator is just part of the dialectic and doesn't really exist?]

    'In introducing its readers to the “Satan” character and the “Yahweh/Jesus” characters, the Bible sets up a good cop / bad cop dialectic. The entire Biblical paradigm is a deft manipulation aimed at instilling fear in you, then showing you the escape route from the fear: their Christ figure. So when you run to Jesus, you are actually running into the spiritual cage of the Occulted Powers.'

    '1) That it is the Roman Empire’s adaptation of a cult they found suitable for the control of the masses. One of the things that give me pause about this theory, however, is that followers of the “Dragon Family” tradition are pushing it online. They claim that Jesus was part of their bloodline, but Rome took his teachings and perverted them for their own ends. Since I’ve found the Dragon narrative rather mush-brained, I simply don’t find them credible. Plus, they push the East/West dialectic, which is a clear sign that they’re full of sh*t.

    2) That the Roman Empire synthesized the Christ myth out of pre-existing spiritual traditions as this book suggests. This theory continues to gain ground in my thinking. In fact, I’ve identified some of the spiritual traditions (such as scapegoating) in my previous writings. Jesus is the ultimate expression of the scapegoat, and scapegoating has no spiritual validity whatsoever.'


  2. Congratulations on getting up and running. Let's see how you progress and what kind of blog you become. We'll pick out something to feature on The Tap once you settle into your stride. Jesus existed. The bible narrative version of his life was mostly but not entirely deceptive. Jesus tried to fight Rome and lost. Christianity was created by his deadliest enemies. Jesus was a gnostic and a Nazarene. His religion lived on into the Orange Order, which defeated Catholicism.

    1. Fascinating topic Henry and Adam. I am making my own way through so do not fancy saying too much what I am currently thinking as these questions are under active consideration. But it is interesting how many of us are contemplating very similar questions around this subject. I know of others too

      The Jesus as Yogi hypothesis and the Issa tradition is very very interesting as is the Celtic connection, true Druidism and the lost/missing years. Then again the East/West divide is very stark when one reads the Bible - i.e. Egypt vs Israel. Yahweh vs Baal.

      The gnostic understanding can be strongly appealing yet if ascension is open to all in life then why is there a requirement for one exclusive saviour and mediator?

      Basically the present Bible and Gnosticism (as I understand it, which may be imperfect) are not totally compatible and thus cannot both be correct, so one or the other or both must be wrong or incomplete, surely?

      More questions than answers from me here I am afraid.

      I did not know there is a connection between the Orange Order and gnosticism. I will try to look into that. Jesus definitely existed as we agree but I think it is harder to dismiss the Bible as a fraud or being cooked up as many allege. Many studies which are highly unpopular confirm that it appeared quickly after Jesus death and that it has remained until modern times at least very scripturally consistent (Old and New Testaments). There is also the fact that Bible prophecy when carefully studied (I mean here the events that have been prophesised and have happened already) is powerful testimony as to its authority. Then again I accept that Christianity was co-opted and sculpted by the old Roman Order and who was running it at the time and who still runs Rome today. Equally many of the 'zeitgeist' points have validity in that the same story outlines appear previously and so either there is coincidence or there is copying going on. Likewise the Jerusalem Church and other competing groups (maybe like today's truth seekers) were shut down and exterminated??

      Another question concerns the nature and truth of Paul?

      Questions, questions. Time to go now I am afraid.

    2. Hi Henry
      I hope you are doing well and Tapblog is ok. My blog seems to be gaining momentum lately in my own idiosyncratic way with a flurry if new posts. So my transition from Tapblog is now complete! If there's anything you see here catches your eye please feel free to reblog

      You might fancy including my comments in my post on the subject that I feel enhance and reinforce the point powerfully


  3. Hi starship earth. Thanks Macdonalddon for the advice but still hasn't solved my reply button problem. I created this modest blog earlier this year so in my urgent desire to comment to Starship earth friends won't be beaten, I'm going to leave links from here instead. Hopefully too you will all come and visit here and say hello since it's a lonely forgotton blog and it's lonely just being out here! Thankyou Lisa and Al for your interesting Hatter comments which I agree with. I left a message on Lisa's google page which was typed with a few lagers I admit but am just mentioning in case you haven't seen it that's all. Anyway here's an email sent to my Dad just now

    There's a huge flooding the internet now of confusing disinformation not by moneymakers but by the CIA , Jesuits and others including the Scottish Rite Freemasons at NASA. ( all the astronauts were Scottish Rite Freemasons by the way). The intention is to create so much confusion that no one knows what the truth is, so there's something they're trying to hide.
    However we have images of the cosmos, which surely aren't faked. We see the sun in the sky. It is awe inspiring to look at it at sunset and realise what we are seeing, there is space distance between us and it, and mercury and Venus travel. I've looked up at the moon myself and know it's not an illusion, I see the dust, craters, and vanishing edges suggestive of a spherical moon. However it's odd size and distance in relation to the sun and earth does make me very suspicious in the past earth, moon and sun were intentionally placed like this and moon created by some advanced.... Civilisation who could move planets and put them into orbit. To end, there's a lot of talk that Mars red dust images they've told us is a lie. Telescope images don't show a Red Planet, but an intriguing green brown red planet. Bibliotecapleyades site has more on this you can google. A final point. I wonder if the Big Cover Up is actually once someone travels out past earths Veil into space ... It is not a reality like here on earth. But a fluid multidimensional Interdimensional ocean where time doesn't work like here on earth? I could have this wrong though. Maybe it literally is the heavens up there, literally.


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