Spiritual War Update: Why Has The Global Establishment Abandoned A Winning Strategy And Is It Indicative Of Weakness?

A very good article below by Bruce Charlton that spells out well and clearly the Spiritual War and background to it we are in now. This is going on around the world. Notice his correct observation that 'Leftism' is actually alive and well across the political spectrum including the Conservative Party in the UK. Likewise both Democrat and Republican parties in America are infiltrated too.
But let us not despair. Evil Forces are on the defensive in response to awakening humanity and this is only going to accelerate as more Achilles Heels get smashed. This blog in a multidimensional multiple threaded strategy of problem solving, implementing solutions and Attack, will be helping identify Achilles Heels and striking them to achieve results. -IDSW
Beware the Fabian Society & Sly Cultural Jewish Marxism
Cultural Marxism is a way for Marxist idealists to secretly bring about a post-modern age - a New World Order. The basic premise is that the western world will not accept blatant Communism, so it must be subverted over a long period of time in order to be primed for the acceptance of a more covert form of Communism. As suggested by The Frankfurt School, this subversion of western tradition should include the breakdown of family, law and order; mass immigration; feminism and political correctness  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread532846/pg1

What Is Cultural Marxism? The Milennium Report

JK ROWLING UPDATE: Not the person the media would have us believe: She is an MKULTRA Mind Controlled Monarch Slave and a member of the FABIAN SOCIETY
Joanna Rowling is a mind controlled Monarch slave, selected to be the author of the stories because she is a single parent and as part of the Tavistock Institute/Frankfurt School controlled plot to subvert society by promoting its extreme (homo)sexualisation, feminism and the ‘positives’ of single parent status.
She is a member of the Fabian Society and the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology is of course a CIA-run front for the Royals, Rockefellers and Rothschilds, in other words the Elite. http://tapnewswire.com/2014/11/joanna-rowling-is-a-mind-controlled-monarch-slave/


What does the up-coming Leftist revolution mean for you, and soon?


Take a step back from what - at least in the UK - is an explicit, unfolding, centrally-planned attempt at an extreme Leftist Revolutionary takeover from the Mainstream Leftists currently in charge.

(Note - ALL mainstream politics is Leftist, including all conservative, libertarian and nationalist parties. Because the only alternative to Leftism is religion: for the West that means a society based on Christianity. The Left - both mainstream and revolutionary - are the preferred means by which the global Establishment are working for a world totalitarian society of pervasive surveillance and micro-management; and the objective of this

(My assumption here is that this is ultimately a spiritual warfare; there is indeed an elite conspiracy; and at the very top this has been for several generations strategised by forces of supernatural evil - I mean actual demons. Their aim is, of course, the wholesale self-damnation of as many people as possible; by implementing an agenda which inverts Good.)

(See: http://thoughtprison-pc.blogspot.co.uk

But why now? 

Revolution is, after all, a high risk strategy - especially in the context that the Leftists are winning, winning and winning... and have been for fifty years...

I don't mean that failing to win a revolution is the high risk; the extreme Left might well win.

And I don't mean that a revolution will (it usually does) produce economic collapse, state violence, breakdown of law, starvation, disease and all the rest of it.

(Sooner or later, for bad reasons or good, collapse will come.)

I mean spiritually - a revolution, perhaps especially a successful revolution, is quite likely to trigger a clarification of perception of reality, serious thinking; and is the most likely thing I can imagine to lead to a spiritual and religious awakening.

So why has the Global Establishment abandoned a winning strategy?

In principle - it could be for one of two opposite reasons.

From strength. The Left is now so secure that it can massively accelerate its agenda.

If that is the case, and the Left have nothing to fear then really there is nothing can be done about it: we have passed the point of no return.

But this hasty revolution could also be a product of weakness...

The Establishment masters of the Left may have been panicked into premature revolution, before the ground has been fully prepared; because they fear that their agenda is under threat.

This current crescendo of revolutionary rhetoric against the may derive from fear rather than strength - it may be a huge gamble.

If so, we are not past the tipping point - but instead things hang in the balance.

What does this imply for Christians? Well, we know that, in times like these large forces are at work behind the scenes; such that small, local, personal, courageous acts of faith may lead to huge and spiritually beneficial consequences.

It is time to be brave. Sooner or later your moment will come - the testing time when you will be called upon to declare witness, make a stand, some seemingly tiny personal act that - if you but knew - is actually of massive potential consequence.

Be ready, it will come; and it might come very soon.


  1. 1- Free Energy Interdimensional Technology is one Achilles Heel strategy with developments coming soon with profound ramifications and reverberations shockwaves in social, economic, political spheres that will be felt. This will be a powerful equaliser and lift billions out of hell on earth existences, as well as causing all electricity and petrol bills to cease.

    2- Metaphysical awareness and Manifestation skills, to Reverse the Energies. The physics of how our world really works has not been taught to us. This is soon going to change.

    3 - Disentangling and removing ourselves from the taxation, financial legal scam the elites have built around us we have been born into. This is possible to achieve developments coming soon on this.

    4- Restoring the Bradbury Pound and Greenback Dollar, allowing nations to become truly sovereign to print their own monies instead of borrowing it from a parasitical elite Talmudic international Banking/Oil/Military Industrial Complex/Pharmaceutical Industrial complex/ cartel.

    5- Exposing the truth about Secret Space Programmes and releasing the technologies. Yes the Deep State has had Star Trek like Interstellar fleets for decades and haven't told us. Meanwhile Talmud Steven Spielberg and the CIA pushes the ET agenda at us with fake Grey aliens. etc(ET/Extradimensional civilisations obviously exist though. Look at ancient Hopi stories of Star Travellers on Flying Shields etc)

    6- Exposing the worldwide paedocriminal Satanist organised crime industry and ending it.

    7- Exposing with a concerted drive the truth about health, disease, cancer, and all suppressed treatments and cures -IDSW

  2. '' Obviously some beliefs are more misleading than others and it has to be said that within Christianity there are two that absolutely hold back evolution.

    Firstly, is the one where you are told that when you die you go to “sleep” until the time when you are caused to awaken. It is so far from the truth, as upon death you step out of your physical body and immediately into your etheric body that is an exact version of your physical body. It is perfect and is free from any of the injuries or defects that your old body may have had, and responds to the power of your thoughts. If you were of old age upon death, you can “think” yourself into a younger version if you wish. You certainly carry karma with you and in time, if necessary, will have to make amends. ''

  3. Our Spirit on April 19, 2017 at 3:54 am Reply

    Please see our article here which gives great detail to your comment. https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/28/the-jewish-question-answered/

    pharmerdavid@startmail.com on April 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Good research, but you haven’t mentioned who is at the top of the pyramid of power, which is the pyramid at the top of the NWO “pyramid of pyramids”. That is the “cult of the all-seeing eye”, or Sabbateans, which include the Donmeh in Turkey, the House of Saud and other Arab “royalty”, and Chabad-Lubivitchers (aka: Chasadim or Chabadniks). They are the “sunagoge of satan” that Jesus supposedly warned us about. They created the House of Rothschild, and then used their control of international banking and associated financial rackets to infiltrate, and control religions, secret societies, secret services, matrix media, governments, and through governments – military forces.

    All sides in every war are financed and armed by the same evil entity, which is satanic – not Jewish. The Sabbateans hate Jewish people, which is why they intentionally create anti-Semitism (hatred for Jews), thus getting Jewish people driven out of dozens (hundreds?) of countries over the centuries. The “Protocols of Zion” they wrote explicitly state they intentionally create anti-Semitism to manage their “lesser brethren”, so they can hide behind them, and use Jews as scapegoats after creating chaos and misery. Israel was created by the House of Rothschild, so it’s a Zionist state, NOT a “Jewish state”. and it does not represent the majority of assimilated Jewish people throughout the word. It’s important to identify the root of the problem, because if you just hack at the branches they keep growing back.

  4. https://omnipulse.wordpress.com/other-operatives/max-spiers/


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