High Octane Questions and Speculations about just what's going on over at Saturn and what's the story with the Moon and Ceres and Jupiter and our entire history: What the Hells going on?

I'm left wondering just what's been going on in our past here on earth and the solar system.
Serious questions are arising in my mind. The people who shaped and created the moon and Ceres wanted us to have these clues to start asking questions. 
- Why would they have left these mathematical clues? It appears the Moon had to be this way to enable life to exist on Earth. Earths tilt is because of the moon ensuring an equal bathing of sunlight 
- Could these highly advanced Builders have left these maths clues of earth, sun, moon and Ceres because they knew tyranny and suppressed knowledge from the masses by elites would happen . Maybe these clues have been serious time bomb triggers to get humanity to seriously ask questions and question the reality we are told exists around us by our 'Leaders' and society ?

- The intrigue and excitement doesn't stop here. Serious evidence exists the pyramid network round the globe has been an anode cathode network , to bring negative electrons to charge planet earth and make it highly stable plus giving a wonderful buffering magnetosphere . 

- This brings me to the point of this email. If the moon and Ceres have been manufactured. What does this tell us about Saturn and Jupiter ? Why do the satanic elites worship Saturn? Satan/Saturn?
Could there be some truth that the rings of Saturn are broadcasting frequencies onto earth by some malevolent controlling forces who are descendent a of many many ' elites' ruling the system today?

- just what's going on over at Saturn? Could Norman Bergruns claims of Hubble spotted 20,000 long mile electromagnetic machines that are making Saturnalian rings actually have some validity?http://tapnewswire.com/2012/11/the-ringmakers-of-saturn/

- And finally. What part do our modern day secret space programmes play in all this? Do the NASA Scottish rite Freemasons really have a colony network throughout the solar system as they study archaeology out there?

- Could the Ancient Builders not have been some strange Annunaki but actually humans? If so just how much have we been lied to about our past history by the Smithsonian museum and many others?

- And what was tge significance in 2015 showing us all the crater city lights on Ceres that shone brightly with no sun on it? Were NASA trying to hint at truths god forbid? https://www.nasa.gov/jpl/dawn-captures-sharper-images-of-ceres

A secret space programme colony? Far better exciting photos exist on the net if you look. Showing a CBD area and 'suburbs' http://etheric.com/new-photos-from-dawn-spacecraft-show-suburb-bright-spots-appearing-on-ceres/

All in all the basic question must be asked : What the hell is going on?