Nikola Tesla Free Energy being used in Antarctic Bases? And What's Secretary Kerry Heinz Doing in Antarctica on Election Day?

Watching Michael Palins Pole to Pole episode in Antarctica is interesting.  He says only 4 months of the year is possible to be there, rest of the year it's far too inhospitable and bases get closed.

However I do t think that's the true situation in Antarctica. Free Energy Nikola Tesla technology could make a beautifully warm ambient environment either underground or within sealed surface habitation zones. Come to think I it,
If Secret Government Black and Beyond Black scientists and researchers have Free Energy to play with. I imagine they could very easily simulate light sources with similar beneficial frequencies just like our Sun. Who knows what's going on down there in Antarctica ?  Shocking when you think about it when elderly pensioners in England have to decide between heating their homes this winter, or eating. While the technology exists for abundance and warmth for everyone .  How much longer will this bare  faced lying and technology suppression and economic slavery  that has severely distorted our economies and societies by a few psychopathic elites continue?  Not for much longer i sense - Adam


Heinz-Kerry: what's he doing not just at Antarctica but the South Pole itself on Election Day?
First of all and probably most on point is the question of… why? Why is the Secretary of State being sent not just to McMurdo Station on the tip of Ross Island (a much easier and cheaper place to reach) but to the actual South Pole research facility? That’s a fairly hazardous trip at the best of times and I seriously doubt Kerry is going there to conduct any ice core experiments on his own. Is there actually anything going on in that barren location which he couldn’t find out about via a satellite video conference or an in person meeting in Washington with scientists recently returned from their shifts there?

What say we have the taxpayers fund the trip but only for a one way ticket? Then the Kerry – Heinz empire can either pay for the trip back or he can simply stay there and learn to speak penguin.