Cancer Overview: Toxic Underfunctioning Mitochondria In An Oxygen Poor Cellular Environment

Cancer is a metabolic disease with a hallmark feature of under functioning toxic metal and chemical laden impaired mitochondria. The tissues and cells operate in a low energy generating,  oxygen poor anaerobic state and environment.

Energy ATP is the life currency of all cellular and bodily processes.

Certain minerals, are the spark plugs of life and consciousness and have transmutational as well as acting as Interdimensional bridges too.

Alkaline reserve minerals in the correct bioavailable forms whilst simultaneously applying body detoxification mechanism strategies to throw off the toxic metal and chemical onslaught, are helpful.
Cancer thrives in an acid cellular environment. There is some debate whether the alkaline reserve minerals from a variety of cooked vegetables adequately alkalise and remineralise the body. Or whether baking soda can provide the main thrust of this job (Simoncini etc). IDSW blog will examine these issues in depth in future posts

It is a criminal and startling fact that most adults and children by age 10 have toxic mitochondria underperforming generating less energy than nature intended.,%20WF.htm

There is much to assimilate and different alternative approaches exist to weigh and consider attacking cancer or any similar disease. It should be obvious by now and a given, that chemotherapy does not work, causes cancers, and is part of the Multi Trillion Dollar medical mafia racket. It should also be obvious our environment, soils, air, food and water supplies are being deliberately ruined to sicken us by an evil elite conspiracy.

New alternative strategies such as Biophotons, Rife machine developments and GANS plasma Keshe Foundation treatment are some of the dizzying changes afoot. More established therapies include coffee enemas, pancreatic enzyme therapy and ozone therapy as administered at the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. There is also B17/Laetrile

Other approaches such as this lady below certainly provide interesting valuable information. However they may be incomplete, not rigorous enough and might include too many things in a hit and miss shotgun approach not applicable to every cancer.

For example there is conflict below, Mercola speaking highly of Wilson's Sauna Therapy but goes onto recommend cannabis which Wilson recommends against. Please read in the comments section below some very interesting concerns about cannabis from researchers here at IDSW blog. Cannabis no doubt has value but uncertainties do exist.

Also Mercola makes no mention of the importance of sea salt/rock salt and several other factors when considering saunas. This posting below is not meant by any means to be the last word in alternative cancer treatment and may indeed be incomplete and have flaws in and faulty lines of thinking. However it still has value and is worthy of study to raise awareness and expand the mental horizon on this matter. Adam


Brandt is more than a little familiar with cancer. She was diagnosed with end-stage metastatic cancer in 2001, and was given three months to live. She decided that if that's all she had left, she would die as healthy as possible, "and as close to how God made me as I could," she says.

She refused surgery, high-dose chemo and radiation. Instead, she tried to make her body as strong and healthy as possible, focusing first on detoxification.


One of Brandt's core principles is that treating the tumor is not enough. She also has a wide variety of options to support your body's immune function and other systems, to maximize your chances of recovery.


One of the strategies Brandt recommends in her book is a detox. I'm a big fan of full-spectrum low-EMF infrared sauna therapy, which is also a wonderful way to eliminate a great number of toxins from your body via sweating.

There are three types of saunas: traditional Finnish-style, far-infrared and near-infrared. Lawrence Wilson's book, "Sauna Therapy," discusses the importance of near-infrared heat lamp saunas, and actually details how to build one.

That may be the best types of sauna therapy because near-infrared is one of the most important biological frequencies we need for biological health. To learn more about this, see my most recent article on sauna therapy. However, it's not just about cleansing your physical body. It's equally important to address all the other toxins in your life, be it toxic thoughts, people or environments

"If cancer patients don't think they're worth it, that is a toxic thought. You have to detox the mind. You have to detox the spirit, the emotions. Most cancer patients feel trapped. You have to detox every part of your life," she says. "Don't forget the environment. You need an air purifier to clean the air. You need water purifiers to clean the water. Get rid of your toxic chemicals under the sink. You've really got to do a lifestyle detox."

Strategies that can help boost immune function include but are not limited to:

1. Sun exposure. Sunlight is a natural immune booster. Not only does your body produce vitamin D in response to sun exposure on bare skin, but sunlight also produces a number of other health benefits that are unrelated to vitamin D production. If you don't have access to sun exposure in the winter, you can swallow oral vitamin D3. Although it's not nearly as good, it will still support your immune function.

2. Improve your gut microbiome, which goes back to paying attention to your diet. My book, "Fat for Fuel," goes into this in great detail. I've also written numerous articles on this topic. Your microbiome has enormous influence over the quality of your immune function.

3. Medical cannabis can also be used to stimulate and improve your immune function. Brandt recently found a group called United Patients Group, the mission of which is to investigate and verify the value and potential uses of medical marijuana, and to educate people about its medicinal uses.

''What my understanding is, so far, is that the medical cannabis in the right proportion [of THC and CBD] can regulate — not just boost, but regulate — the immune system. And each type of cancer has a specific proportion of THC and CBD that is effective for that cancer. Again, going back to diet, I almost consider medical cannabis part of a diet because it does nourish and detox," Brandt says.

4. Exercise.

5. Proper amount of quality sleep, getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night if you're an adult.


''People don't get that conventional medicine doesn't have any way to stop metastasis or to treat metastatic stem cells. It's these metastatic stem cells that kill … The stem cells are what conventional medicine cannot address, that I know of. But alternative medicine can." Products that are helpful against metastatic stem cells include:

Berberine / metformin
Intravenous vitamin C
Sulforaphane (cruciferous vegetables)
Curcumin (turmeric)
Broccoli sprouts
Essiac tea
Burdock root
Slippery elm
Sheep sorrel
Fermented soy
Fish oil
Modified citrus pectin (PectaSol-C)

It has a substrate called beta-lapachone, which is a powerful way to increase NAD+ intercellularly. This is an important component of improving mitochondrial ATP production, which is needed for health in general, but especially if you're fighting disease

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) acts like a Trojan Horse in that it can achieve targeted delivery of low doses of chemo or other medicines to the diseased cell only. "It's an elegant delivery mechanism. That's probably my favorite because it worked so well on me," Brandt says. "I just watched the tumors shrink and disappear. There's also high-dose vitamin C. The latest study we just got approval for is high-dose C with artesunate. Artesunate is an intravenous (IV) derivative of artemisinin (wormwood) … a Chinese herb that has been shown to kill cancer with very little side effects."

Brandt's book also includes a comprehensive description of systemic enzyme therapy, where enzymes are taken on an empty stomach — not to help with food digestion but to provide systemic benefits through your bloodstream. I personally rotate four different systemic enzymes on an empty stomach. She also addresses the importance of rotating or cycling through the supplements you take.


Poly-MVA, a colloidal mineral complex that crosses the blood-brain barrier and helps re-nourish your body and brain at the cellular level. It also helps replace nutrients lost during chemotherapeutic and radiological treatments.

AvéULTRA (Metatrol), a fermented wheat germ product.

Selenium, vitamin D and iodine, as most cancer patients are low in these three nutrients. Since I do regular sauna therapy, I take 200 micrograms of SelenoExcell each day. (You tend to excrete selenium when sweating.) Selenium increases glutathione, an important metabolic antioxidant necessary for detoxification. It also catalyzes the conversion of thyroid hormone T3 to T4, so it can be beneficial if you have thyroid problems.

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) has been shown to reverse cancer and stop metastatic cancer. Brandt recommends the brand ecoNugenics, as this is the one that has been scientifically studied and verified to work.

Colloidal silver is a non-toxic, broad spectrum antimicrobial therapy with no known toxicity and no known mechanism for acquired resistance.

Salicinium, a plant-based extract that inhibits production of nagalase — an enzyme produced by cancer cells — while simultaneously stimulating innate immune cells.


  1. Anonymous Patriots says:
    The cannabis situation has confused me because certain things didn’t make sense. The fact that it’s been people like Rockefeller and the Establishment, helping promote the ‘medical marijuana’ movement.
    I noted his meetings with Uruguays president that Makow reported about marijuana. Also noted CNN Sanjay doctor covered CBD or the general topic of it.
    I’ve wondered what’s going on? When known liars and evil people responsible for creating a web of lies about cancer, health and disease. The drug industry and vaccine horrors and GM foods and all the rest of it.
    Suddenly are getting in on the action with cannabis that’s helping cure cancers and offer rief like in the article above?
    What’s the catch? Can it be, the sick illuminati psychopaths just want to get a cut of the financial action with cannabis? Surely we must smell a rat somewhere.
    And yet . Even if there is something up their sleeve with cannabis.
    Maybe it’s worth the trade off, if we have a convenient CBD cancer and chronic disease and pain fix? Certainly very tempting with demonstrable benefits.

    Maybe it’s just the new hybridised strains are a potential problem?
    I’ve never taken cannabis. But one or two I’ve known taking it recreationally. It negatively affected their thinking, ability to reason, and they Wernt nice people when they couldn’t get any.
    So how can we possibly try and reconcile all these loose ends?
    This is a complex topic I’ve failed to answer. But maybe this commenter below articulates what it is I sense is wrong?
    Captain on January 12, 2017 at 1:08 PM
    Might be of interest:
    2: and Dr Emoto’s work with water:
    Essentially, Dr Emoto documents how thoughts change the structure of water. It is the shape of the water molecules, with its snowflake like points, that fit the receptor sites of your body’s cells. Without the proper shape, these “keys” do not fit into the cells to allow the minerals, etc carried in the water to enter your cells. This lack then causes aging, etc. There is more to this, but this is a very cut down explanation.
    ( btw: using marijuana and other drugs makes the body’s cells dependent on the drugs, and eventually the other receptor sites on the cells, when re-generating, disappear. This makes the body unable to then take in the nutrients it needs, and more and more only the drugs. Hence accelerated aging and illness. In effect, you become like a vegetable dependent on the drugs.

    1. 15 Jan 2017 8:59 am
      Plumber says:
      There would have been no allowance for, or movement toward legalization were not the majority of seed available a heavily modified ‘Control’. The symptoms of addiction and mild psychosis you have noticed in your friends who DO take cannabis is indicative of the tainted strains which were lab developed in the 70’s by ‘Them’ ready for wider distribution along with the new ‘Acid’ and MDMA etc. All recreational substances are under some kind of control from their inception within the remit of social engineering. If the plantation owners are letting you have it – it must be for their benefit, not yours.

    2. 16 Jan 2017 11:57 pm
      Anonymous Patriots says:
      Interesting reply thanks. There’s such huge
      ( admittedly good with good outcomes like the girl above ), a huge volume in the alternative meda. Singing the praises left right and centre. Of Medical Cannabis. CBD oil. High CBD / low THC ratios perhaps. Yet ive read on my net travels somewhere . THC is of value too therapeutically . I suppose it all comes back to. Perhaps 100 or 500 years ago pure strains with beautiful THC / CBD balance and all the right phytonutrient chemicals . Would not cause the cell membrane receptor problems Captain refers to above. Before the Grand Conspiracy seemed to hijack and hybridise and weaken and demineralise and dies phytonutrients against nature.
      What I’m trying to say is. The following
      – There’s very attractive seductive pull towards going to holland and barrett or buying here and there, the cannabis CBD offerings.
      – I may well reach for try and obtain. What this mother in the article above has reached for, if my loved one was Ill
      – yet nevertheless . Both Captain and you. Tune Into my suspicions about medical cannabis
      – therefore I conclude the cabal are herding sheep into a pen with sugar coated pills.
      – However if an elderly loved one is ill and dying . I have to say I’d still reach for these CBD miracles.
      – Nevertheless it’s a cabal trap.
      – It means I must amass, file, categorise , all the non cannabis based alternative medicine cures . And ensure THEY ARE PUSHED, KNOWN ABOUT, and a clear index if all the alternative medicine healing technologies.
      – So we don’t have to resort to the sugar coated scorpion sting in the tail medical marijuana revolution for reasons you explain above
      – Biophoton therapy . Rife/Group K frequency machine therapy . Plasma GANS Magrav therapy . As well as food and diet and detoxification strategies. I will be spurred onto research so I’ll never have to reach for Cabal Cannabis.
      – I note murdered NYC Anticancer doctor Nicholas Gonzales didn’t use cannabis.
      – B17. Protocel. Selenium. Oxygen therapies . Magrav.
      – there’s an exciting future where hopefully we won’t need to get sucked Into the cabals sugar pill reward that destroys our intricate cell membranes and receptors interacting with water and minerals as Captain states.


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