Rothschild Agent Merkel Migrant U-Turn: Cash Incentives For Repatriation. Has The NWO Suffered a Major Blow?

IDSW- Why such a 180 degree about turn from Zionist agent Merkel ? Is this a real policy shift that will stop and reverse the destruction of Europe and dilution of the Northern European White races just in time? Has the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan and Frankfurt Fabian Marxist school agenda come under serious pushback?

Has there been a behind the scenes change of deep state faction? Is the Soros/Rothschild evil nexus now on the ropes? And might this have anything to do with Freemason Netanyahu being investigated now for fraud and corruption?

It is worth recalling that even though Rothschild wealth is in hundreds of trillions. They are communists wishing to impose communism with their NWO. It is a mistake to conflate communism with 'Russia' in east vs west. It is a complex web of illuminati families and factions and now splits, evidenced by Brexit and possibly Trump. This satanist communist conspiracy is elitist, supranational, infiltrated in many governments and Royal houses and institutions.

Something's going on.
It is also worth recalling that Merkel , Hitler, Bliar, Sturgeon, and others are actually Rothschilds and Merkel is Hitler's daughter. As an extra treat, we include for our readers below some Merkel illuminati hand signs.
Have some major heads of the Hydra been cut off?

Germany to set up ‘mass deportation’ department in Berlin to handle migrant crisis. The problem reached a crescendo back in December when a migrant led an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, bringing to the forefront the utter failure of Merkel’s open-door borders policy. Many Germans rallied around stopping Merkel from continuing such carnage, and since that time she has engaged in a major U-turn to try to salvage her already disastrous legacy.

At the same time, Merkel’s relenting to reality will have positive benefits for Germany’s immigration policies moving forward. Part of this latest plan will involve recreating the immigration process by establishing a new department in Berlin that will handle mass deportations. If populist sentiment ultimately wins out as it has in other places like the U.S. and the U.K., then it’s presumable that, moving forward, Germany will reign in its open-borders policy and better protect its sovereignty.
After being lambasted for allowing tens of thousands of un-vetted migrants to surge through her country’s borders, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel is having a sudden change of heart. Reports indicate that the failed leader, who one popular news magazine accused of “destroying Europe,” is now offering cash handouts worth millions of dollars to get these migrants to leave.

It’s a case of too little, too late — not to mention a monumental waste of taxpayer funds — what Merkel is trying to do, but she’s trying to do it anyway. The U.K.’s Daily Mail says the effort is supposed to quell anger over Merkel’s reckless “open-door” border policy that has already allowed some 1.2 million migrants, many of them young, fit men, to flood into Germany and set up shop, against the interests of the German people.

The mainstream media is calling the move “embarrassing,” as it serves to further indict Merkel as both incompetent and utterly corrupt. But if it gets rid of a problem that has greatly increased crime and created considerably unstable conditions throughout Deutschland, then so be it. If the plan is a success, it will help to speed up the deportation process of some 450,000 migrants who have been rejected asylum.

According to the latest reports, the euro equivalent of nearly $100 million has been set aside by Merkel as incentive money to convince as many so-called “refugees” and unknown migrants who she let in to leave. So not only have Germans been subsidizing their stay while watching their cultural fabric be torn to shreds, but now they are having to subsidize their removal.

“Many will see the move as a desperate attempt for Miss Merkel to claw back support ahead of her challenging re-election bid in September,” writes Mario Ledwith for the Daily Mail. “Criticism of her decision to leave Germany’s borders open and welcome all refugees during Europe’s migration crisis in 2015 has led to a surge in support for anti-immigrant parties.”

The 16-point plan also includes establishing a number of “federal departure centres” near airports to expedite the removal process of the unwanted migrants. The hope is that continuing to deport those who have already been rejected asylum, along with offering cash incentives for many others to leave voluntarily, will clean up the country rapidly without causing too much tumult to Germans’ day-to-day survival.

“We rely heavily on voluntary departures, but we know that voluntary departures will not take place if people know that there is never a mandatory return to their home country,” Merkel is quoted as saying.

According to reports, roughly 170,000 applications for asylum were rejected last year in Germany, and of these 55,000 decided to leave voluntarily. Another 26,000 were reportedly repatriated.


  1. Nancy C/Seattle on February 18, 2017 at 2:17 PM

    Europe is not going to be destroyed. The EU is going to be decentralized with some countries exiting (Netherlands most likely will be next) & those remaining will be reconfigured into a economic trade block which is what the original set up was supposed to be. It was never supposed to be a monolithic anti-democratic supra national authoritarian European Government. No nation can maintain national “sovereignty” & cultural integrity without the ability to control its borders. The Zionist/globalist/cabal plan is only partially “divide & conquer”. It’s lumping all humanity into one grey blended soup under the guise of “multiculturalism”, “open borders”, “anti-racism” with one notorious exception. Only separatist violently supremacist Jews by Talmud dictates are allowed human identity to rule over the grey soup.

    This plan is coming to an end. Few realize that Merkel got caught when she issued open invitations to all mid-Eastern refugees to migrate. Germany had planned to off-load a lot of the refugees onto UK. This plan came to an unexpected screeching halt when Brexit occurred.

    The current shift is only partially a concern over :”immigration”. It’s about white, Christian culture, individually & collectively asserting sovereignty & identity. In my opinion the final straw was the “transgender” orchestrated push. It’s one thing to agree that public benefits should be equally available to all citizens without mass group exclusions. It’s quite another to say I have a right to “choose” my sexual identity by chemistry or surgery and to use legal means to force you to accept my “choice” as equivalent to your happenstance birth chromosomes when it comes to public bathrooms. All the dots are connecting now – PizzaGate, pedophilia, pornography, Hollywood, warmongering. Notice how few European Syrian “refugees” are children. Thousands of Syrian and Haitian children are missing. Hillary has been accused with involvement in trafficking Haitian children.


  2. Anonymous8 June 2016 at 02:49

    This is good, the British audience here don't seem to like Melanie Phillips much. Perhaps the British public are not so gullible after all.

    Melanie Phillips gets her Zionist arse kicked on Question Time.

    Published on 21 Jun 2013·Right wing nutter and Daily Mail hag Melanie Phillips attempts, (once again) to stir up British hatred against Iran on behalf of Israel. She calls the Question Time audience "ignorant" as they boo and jeer her lies and Israeli propaganda. She is a Zionist hag and should be charged with attempting to incite racial hatred. Israel already has thousands of American soldiers dying for its "freedom", Melanie Phillips wants British soldiers to die for Israel too.

    Any comments that disable replies will be deleted.

    Disclaimer: Inevitably, anti Semitic scum will use this video to make racist attacks against the Jewish people. My intention when posting this video was to highlight the evil of Israeli Zionists and their supporters, not the Jews.


    Anonymous21 July 2016 at 07:41

    That's fair, ok, then why do Jews not more noise about an evil elite using their identity to commit horrible crimes in the world. I mean, Jews are not in a bubble, they should have better access to the truth than the non-jews and help in that way all humanity to fight together against the satanist, Saturn cultists that use the star of David. I think the truth is it is too good and too comfy to be Jew in this world, you have no fear, always a job, always the best to eat, so let the elite do whatever they want


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