Physics Liar: A Plagiarist, Communist, Zionist, Fraud, and Frontman For The Fake 20th Century Physics The Elites Created: Nikola Tesla Couldnt Stand Him

National Geographic aired a new show about Einstein. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Geoffrey Rush, zzzzzzz…. spot the propaganda! He was not the greatest mind of our age – he was a Marxist plagiarist hardcore Zionist who hated Germans.
Nikola Tesla could not stand him and in 1935 said of Einstein…
“….an old crank… Einstein’s relativity theory was a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors; the theory is like a beggar clothed in purple which ignorant people take for a king…”
John Murray Cuddihy said, “Einstein was motivated by a desire to distort and destroy Western science.”
New “Genius” Show Sells Einstein as The Smartest Man Ever But It’s a LIE:

National Geographic aired a new show, “Genius” focusing on the life of Einstein, claiming he solved the mysteries of the universe despite being hated by Germans for being Jewish. In reality, Einstein was a plagiarist, communist, Zionist and a fraud. He is a constructed myth.

The red Ice website…
Albert Einstein: The Myth, the Plagiarist & the Zionist:
This looks like some one uploaded the whole lot….
Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein & The Zionist Agenda:


  1. Stephen Hawking is the same. Its said the real Hawking died years ago. ' Stephen Hawking ' has been a regular party guest on Jeffrey Epsteins child Caribbean island, no doubt enjoying drinks, getting out his wheelchair to stretch his legs, chat to other world Luminaries and famous faces. Before the partying begins.

    Meanwhile we are paying for electricity extortionate bills, are taxed left right and centre, petrol costs, transportation inflation costs, and not only this, billions in this world are leading desperate desperate lives unable to feed their families despite working hard, look at Cairo or Manila slums as examples

    And yet Free Energy is a reality and secret space programmes like Star Trek the US Navy has, that is an Interstellar fleet, are in existence.

    Am I the only one thinking this is all profoundly deeply sick and obscene?

    However have no fear. Watch this blog over the coming weeks and months. GEET self buildable free energy is coming. Into the hands of every man woman and child on this planet.

    And the reverberations shockwaves dismantling remodelling a GOING TO SWEEP ACROSS THE PLANET and the existing situation will not survive. In its place will be a Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome Reality, Economy, Society
    Underpinned by the simple beauty of free energy, associated healing technology, and everything else

    Watch this space IDSW readers


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