Sun, Earth, Saturn, Supermassive Earth Theory & Evidence, Catholic Roman Cover Up, And What The Hells Going On?

IDSW- If its true that at sometime in the past, maybe even 20,000 years ago, Saturn was our sun with a different character being a dwarf star unlike our sun now. And this accounts for the satanic elites worship of the 'Black Sun' .   In a coaxial orbital arrangement like beads on a string.  The Turkish flag (Turkey is ruled by Satanist freemasons) shows this.

Then that must mean. For a long time in earths history, the entire underside southern hemisphere would have been in permanent darkness.  Perhaps this is the Underworld people like the Aborigenes and others speak of.
It would have been an inhospitable and hostile place and very dark bizarre landscape.  Perhaps very unlike what we are familiar with .

I'm wondering if this is part of the big secret to off limits Antarctica, what lies beyond it. 
Earth seems to be bigger than they are telling us.  Therefore I'm wondering whether what we consider to be the southern hemisphere, is actually part of a much bigger northern hemisphere.   However that doesn't stack up because at the equator, water going down a plughole goes clock/anticlockwise depending where you are, this can be demonstrated.

Maybe I have it wrong. Maybe the South Pole really genuinely is the southernmost point of our Sphere, and North Pole the northernmost.  (There seems to be something metaphysically significant and important about the North Pole but will leave that out of this for simplicity).

Therefore maybe earth isn't much bigger than we are being told. But then the Suez Canal is a major worry, and various other things. Surely Earth must be Supermassive.   I did consider rather than being Supermassive, it was perhaps shaped like an egg or as others say, an oblate spheroid. Maybe this accounts just enough for the Suez Canal , to give us the illusion earth is flat/Supermassive, when it isn't.

But I have a problem with the egg shape or oblate spheroid of Earth being the general size we are told now. Because I do not understand why the elites/catholic church/ etc etc would want to hide an oblate spheroid earth from us. Its hardly going to send shockwaves through society.   So I think earth must be Supermassive.

One final thought which might be a clue.  The Death Star from Freemason George Lucas' Star Wars.
That huge crater in it. Might be the blown away chunk of earth that's now the asteroid belt?  The elites put things there hiding in plain sight. I think the Death Star could be something significant, a clue.  The Death Star does not communicate any leads or insights about earths size however.

Earth cannot be flat. If it is I will just give up and throw the towel in. It cannot be flat, its Supermassive.

Another thought is in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker looking across the desert sunset, 2 suns are seen.
Again, this might be Freemason George Lucas trying to say something.
Might it be, for eons. Our history is of a binary star system with both suns competing for dominance?
And taking turns?
It is said that Saturn (and perhaps the conditions on earth experienced back then), is Satan which presumably means a bad evil time.
And that our Sun now is Christ, Christ Consciousness and everything changed for the better for humanity, when this Sun now took over.

Of course, we are left though wondering what about Saturn now? Because it looks like its days as a Star/Sun to act as any kind of life giver are truly over, its gone past the Dwarf Star stage and is now burnt out.   However it must be remembered too , Saturn (as do Uranus and Neptune too) emanates a lot more energy than it receives from the Sun which is bizarre indeed.

So my point is the well documented battle between Christ and Satan, might have its roots in the battle between our Sun and the inferior sun Saturn? Who knows and I will end the speculations here. - IDSW

Did Humankind Arrive from Outside the Solar System?
By David Talbott

Has the Sun always been our stellar parent?  It’s been known for well over 150 years that astronomers of the ancient Near East identified the planet Saturn as “the sun.”  That preposterous language is an open invitation to an investigation.

It was in the 1970s that we first encountered evidence suggesting an ancient gathering of planets centered visually on Saturn—a condition vastly different from the celestial environment we know today. We called this planetary assembly the "Polar Configuration," and it became the subject of more than one documentary. Today the conversation continues through the video series, Discourses on an Alien Sky.

More than 20 years ago this historical research converged with the work of Australian physicist Wal Thornhill, and that convergence helped to spark the Electric Universe movement—a "meeting of ancient myth and modern science.”  Of course, the boundaries of the synthesis are not entirely clear, nor should they be. Notice the header over these comments, for example.  That question has been circulating for years, and it will be a notable theme at our upcoming conference EU2017—“Future Science”—in Phoenix, Arizona, August 17-20


  1. Something else to add, for the record.
    Flat Earth as a possibility has pretty much been eliminated, it appears to be a distraction psyop to confuse, demoralise, and poison the well of everything.
    For instance, it seems Flat Earth is a counterintelligence weaponised topic, that can be thrown in during debates if someone is effectively questioning the 6 million HolocaustTM. To derail the discussion for everything to be confused rubbish.

    I say this because Eric Dubays very intriguing convinscing Flat Earth website , was looked into with the mathematics he was offering for the earths curvature.
    This was checked out by someone goo0d at maths. And it was discovered that whilst 20th century Officialdom is certainly intentionally using flawed maths giving too much earth curvature.
    Eric Dubay was discovered to be using faulty maths and claims, claiming too little curvature.

    Therefore the inferred reasoned conclusion arrived at that makes much more logical sense than a flat earth. Is earth is much bigger than they've told us.

    The equator hemisphere phenomenon of water going down the plughole clock/anticlockwise will need to be looked into more to shine a perspective on this theory more.

    Santos Bonacci claims the earth is flat. Hes a very intresting persuasive man on many topics . But could Santos have it wrong?

  2. As I'm sure you're aware, suez canal 120 odd miles long has no locks. There are many other 'flat earth' suggested anomalies too.
    Tonight I'm troubled because water going down a plughole, can be shown to go clock or anticlockwise down, in Kenya, whether One is in the north or south hemisphere. I think this is the case.
    Therefore Richard this seems to indicate the equator is indeed the centre.  Therefore. Bearing in mind the Suez canal and Corsica visible from Genoa when it should be behind the earths curvature. Etc etc etc. 
    Our earth might simply be Supermassive but in distances going towards the North and South Poles. Maybe that's how weve been lied to?
    Or. We are simply on an object which isn't a perfect sphere. Northern hemisphere is much like we are told. But southern hemisphere is much bigger and bulges out massively.
    I can understand why the catholic church etc etc would want to hide that information. For it raises too many questions and generates too many insight postulations amongst the masses, about a possibility of a complex solar system galactic history and civilisations and wars.   Something doesn't add up anyway



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