Elon Musk SpaceX Shootdown: Cobra 2012 Portal blog Exposed?

In an interesting development this morning, a noticeable contrasting contradiction  in stories has been observed between Cobra 2012 Portal blog here: http://2012portal.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/a-short-situation-update.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogspot/nbCIs+(Portal+2012)&m=1 

And Dante as reported on Starship Earth BP blog here: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2016/09/02/another-mysterious-spacex-misadventure-explained-oh-and-about-those-reindeer-videos/#comment-47265

This is regarding the recent SpaceX Elon Musk shoot down by UFOs as seen on Starship Earth videos.  I have often contemplated on the true nature of Cobra ( as well as Wilcock/Corey Goode) whether he is genuine or actually an illuminati disseminator of truths woven in with disinformation to deceive the awake Public to distort our understanding of  situations and events going on around us including the ongoing narrative about the SSP and Space Wars  taking place above our heads.  Today's assertions by Cobra about Elon Musk and SpaceX may shine some light on matters. There is an Information War going on



BP at Starship says:
'' As in the previous instance of a SpaceX misadventure, it seemed likely that the payload was “not approved” by our friends upstairs. This one was billed as a “test” but Dante reports in this video that the rocket was about to deliver a satellite which was Part II of the chemtrail activation system we’ve heard about. ''.  

And apparently replenishing supplies for the ISS (notice how similar that is to ISIS) is a favourite cover story.  Not only this, Nancy at BP mentions how the Facebook Zuckerberg Rockefeller grandson involvement is actually part of a more complex Israeli operation.  The sinister intent of this SpaceX launch against humanity was not allowed by good factions/Star Families above and SpaceX thankfully got shot down. 

Now let us compare this with Cobras version:
'' the Chimera group has used a scalar beam weapon from one of their UAV craft to destroy Elon Musk's Falcon 9 in order to create a delay in the surface space programs that attempt to break the quarantine status for planet Earth:... Elon Musk is the visible representative of a certain positive SSP faction and in his latest statement he hinted at extraterrestrial involvement in Falcon 9 explosion. This was openly reported in Russian mainstream media ''


Therefore what can we infer from this? Could Cobra be a clever disinformation tool to mislead the Awakening Public to believe the Star Families who are actually the liberators of humanity from the vice like grip hostage situation, playing a delicate game of brinkmanship as they take down this satanic cabal are actually against humanity and portraying the cabal as our saviours protectors?  

Or at least could Cobra be providing cover for the Globalist Satanist Demi God worshipping cabal as they try and roll out Chemtrails Project Phase II?

And this leads us to the question: could this be the underlying real motive for any possible Scottish Rite Freemason NASA Werner von Braun Project Bluebeam stunt? To discredit our Star Families above?  Adam


As this astute commenter observed:
'' They may attempt a FF alien invasion but it will be short lived...they want you to think that when the AF aka Allied Forces of mankind show up that they are mankinds enemies which is a lie... They are here to take out the owo, old world order, they were never new''


  1. Lisa Tully says:
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    September 13, 2016 at 1:59 PM

    I dont think so, It was zuckerburg who paid for the payload in that rocket and he is no friend to Man, another reason I dont trust cobra besides his name.. James Gilliand made a tape saying what dont the cabal understand, the Good ET’s told them nothing gets up in space… Funny sense the tape went viral cobra wants to add his 2 cents to the picture.. agenda 21, when something that has truth to it becomes threatening of cabal illusion create as many rumors as possible so know one know what to believe… Also quoting Dante…Time will tell friends… those ufo.s are the good guys, people got to stop letting themselves be ping pong balls.. geeze...

  2. hahaha spot on Adam.. love it... this is what I just posted in Starship earth... I think alot of the really public players are probably covert.. here is my post... people need to really have great discernment, this is a battle of wits on the information war.. people need to question everything, ask questions.. think for themselves and not let others dictate what they should believe and especially see with their own eyes.,,, good grief...

  3. Lisa Tully says:
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    September 13, 2016 at 8:49 PM

    Have a problem with this invisible beam… did we all forget that their were2 UFO,s present in the picture? They can convince you of an invisible beam that you dont see and the ufo,s nahhh, didnt happen? or it was them? really? when they can convince people to believe something they dont see is true and what you did see is not what you really saw, there is a problem here.. Who made cobra the absolute truther of them all?..Why is VT so adamant trying to convince people of this invisible beam instead of the UFO,s? why is it so important to them for all to believe their version of what happened? again, Makes me question the purpose for VT and who is behind it… Government damage control under guise of good guys? You guys, Just stay open..

    1. Brilliant mental agility and open mind questioning Lisa. I like how you've mentioned VT too since I was always confused but suspicious of them.
      One VT red flag was they are run out of Wisconsin Madison university. The very very bizarre Challenger shuttle 1986 dead astronauts, they are alive today. I still don't know the reason or motive for this psyop and now leaking them being alive today. However one astronaut with same name and unmistakeable photo it's him is a 70 yr old lecturer at Madison VT Wisconsin!!
      I think your instincts and observations about Cobra and sense has got serious weight.
      Great comments thanks :)

    2. hahah there ya go hahaha, its called damage control and spin any truth that comes out by the demi gods hahah via VT... you said it right here...One VT red flag was they are run out of Wisconsin Madison university.. and about cobra... ya, its a snake... ya think..

  4. Lisa Tully says:
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    September 13, 2016 at 10:25 PM

    Cobra calls himself cobra because he identifies something about himself and the characteristics of that snake, That is a physiological fact. We identify with names. Its bite is deadly to man. “Cobras occur throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia,” The word cobra comes from the Portuguese cobra de capello, which means “hooded snake.” Cobras are typically opportunistic hunters, chowing down on whatever prey comes their way. Often, they eat birds, small mammals, lizards, eggs, carrion and other snakes. They slither through the wilderness silently, following their prey until they are ready to attack… Remember, this is the name (Cobra) he choose to represent himself??? Facts About Cobras http://www.livescience.com/43520-cobra-facts.html

  5. Lisa Tully says:
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    September 13, 2016 at 10:26 PM

    Sorry for the spelling, Psychological fact!!!

  6. funny, BP left all my comments up at starship which is good, people need to think except one of them she deleted, she deleted the one about cobra and the meaning of his name and why did he choose that name...I wonder why, its not offensive and a matter of fact this is the name he choose, meaning of his name and why and I think people should consider that and its an inportant point.. humm strange...

  7. well, at least I posted it here on your mini blog.. have a lovely night Adam.. BP still awesome tho.. Bright Blessings friend...

    1. Thankyou Lisa. its morning here :)
      You know, even though I'm sure my truth sensory apparatus discernment skills aren't perfect, but have certainly been improved I'd say in last 3 years, and honed and refined. I think Lisa the fact I can't stream YouTube . Plus the fact it seems anyway I haven't the time or patience to sit through videos. Which I'm sure is to my detriment and would love actually to not have to goto work and instead be a full time health and truth researcher. And watch videos.
      My point is this step back distance I think might insulate me a bit getting sucked into rigid mind sets of disinfo, and keeping my mind and senses fluid and malleable and open. At this incredible time in sep 2016 where disinfo is flying thick and fast like never before. Not only this. Now I'd like to think I've graduated to a certain level of understanding of who's who what's what on this planet. I now no longer even read Fulford or the zap stuff or even VT. I do make time for CCRG, Ilike Tyla Gabriel's Sophia website and Laura Walker too, i might read a one off David duke interesting thing to keep upto speed. And even though elsewhere there's endless interesting stuff to get bogged down in such as underground bases ( I've never really watched or read max spiers but I'm aware there's so much going on) . The point I'm driving at is I've kind of withdrawn Buddhist like into myself and cut off a lot of inputs now Lisa. And instead take inputs from natures sights and sounds, or even white noise which can be a great form of meditative escapism . And listen and perceive and sense going within. And it's surprising Lisa how I feel this gives me sharpened senses when something feels right and ability to fly with my mind analysing things. My point here is out of the Ethers I sense patterns of truth resonances. It may take time but understandings come to me. Jigsaw puzzle. And staying ahead of disinfo
      This means I think mostly in broad brushstrokes and trends and patterns. Since excessive detail fixed beliefs lead us to disinfo.
      Thoughts are bubbling up Lisa about this whole SpaceX and Cobra Dante VT carry on . Which I'm going to write about soon. I'm sensing and feeling your logic and comments are right on. I'm sensing there's something GOOD up there on our side VT and the rest swing into damage limitation mode when stuff happens. I'll chat more another time once I get my thoughts together

      Yes Starship earth BP is great and helps me stay in the loop sensing trends and patterns even though I don't watch videos and sometimes I might not even read the full post - her email is enough.
      I'm sensing James Gililand ... You're on to sonething he's a good source. I did listen to him on YouTube radio perhaps 2 yrs ago but actually haven't followed specifics of his claims. I'll look his articles up when I get time.
      I do enjoy alternative health research too when there's time
      Well goodnight have a good evening Lisa :)

  8. Posted on BPs blog for starship crew and all of Mankind "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart (Lyrics included) https://youtu.be/0qW6ptbrDmk

    1. The thing is Lisa when we all rematerialse in 5D New Earth.... All man made things, synthetic things will vanish.
      What will happen then? Will we have no electricity, no shops? No cafés? No means of transport ?
      No food? Lisa our houses and apartments will vanish since they're synthetic man made surely?
      Or will the Star Families provide us with free energy technologies? And help
      Also Lisa this must mean MT Keshes plasma Magrav hardware will vanish, cease to exist.
      Also Lisa does this mean the sophisticated SSPs above earth will vanish too in the 3D to 5D shift ? Or will they then fly down and help us?



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