Refusing Chemotherapy Results In 4 Times Longer Survival and Better Quality of Life claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist

Chemotherapy kills 97% of those who take it claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist: Could The Multi Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry Have Been Lying To Us All These Years?

Based on his research in the last 25 years Dr. Jones has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy does more harm to the patients than actually treating the cancer. He says that people who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average around 12 years longer than people who accept the chemotherapy treatment, most patients undergoing chemotherapy die in time frame of 3 years since they are diagnosed with cancer and some much faster than that (within few weeks since being diagnosed.) 

He also claims that patients with breast cancer who reject treatment live four times longer than those who undergo chemotherapy.


Adam - With all the billions and trillions of pounds and dollars raised over the last 60 years in the 'War On Cancer' with cancer charity fundraising drives, cancer marathons, donation appeals, taxpayer contributions for pharmaceutical company university cancer research foundations, creating a Multi Trillion Dollar Gravy Train.

And yet 60 years later we are still barely no further forward. Still being lied to and kept in ignorance by doctors who mindlessly repeat lies and propaganda from the Pharmaceutical Industry in collusion with Media and Academia and other bodies in an organised Criminal Conspiracy against humanity.
Still having the same limited choices of radiotherapy and chemotherapy . Which clearly is a death sentence and clearly doesn't work and causes suffering.
And still the sadness and devastation felt by relatives losing loved ones who have been lied to and lives taken from them by the treacherous lying deceiving cancer industry.

Isn't it time we all woke up to and recognise this Medical Mafia and how it operates ?


The fact that an average cancer treatment costs somewhere between $300,000 and even up to $1,000,000 makes his statement more reasonable.

America spends $8,713 per capita on healthcare, more than any other high-income nation in the world and their life expectancy is only 78,8 years. This Is mainly due to the fact that the media and the healthcare system in general focus way more on treating diseases and conditions that actually teaching people about the importance of preventative medicine. That is why we need to educate ourselves about treatments and cures for different diseases and conditions.

Having a healthy diet, exercising, not stressing out and enjoying life are great for improving our health and living a longer and happier life.
Adam - as well as researching and using suppressed anticancer treatments, methods, detoxification and oxygenation strategies


Sun 5:36 pm UTC, 18 Sep 2016 (YouTube interview)


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