A US Navy Secret Interstellar Intergalactic Secret Space Programme Fleet?

Dr Michael Salla it is said might be CIA. So there may be an agenda and truth gets twisted here. He might be spinning a Jesuit Freemason version they want us to swallow what space is like and the SSP situation. We cannot be sure but I weigh and assess and use discernment on hundreds of sources and data points to try and gauge what's going on out there and why are the Establishment leaking all this for the last 20 yrs?  -Adam
Dr Michael Salla : Gene Rodenberry Based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet
Posted: 08 Sep 2016 06:08 AM PDT
September 8 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Star Trek science fiction series that began in 1966. There is significant evidence that its creator, Gene Roddenberry, did not simply come up with the idea of Star Trek on his own. Instead he was encouraged to create the series based on classified information surrounding the development of a secret U.S. Navy space fleet that would build a broad extraterrestrial alliance. This led Roddenberry to come up with the idea of a United Federation of Planets, with its military headquarters in San Francisco.

High Octane Speculations:
 Lawrence Rockefeller in the 90 s was responsible for kicking off the entire whistleblower disclosure movement. Gary McKinnon may even have been an unwitting clever part of what might be a much bigger elaborate free energy SSP Truman Show the Establishment Freemasons are constructing around us.

The question is:
Why are they doing this? Where's the sleight of hand deception? Could the Scittish Rite Freemasons that run NASA, and the Jesuits insane Globalists be being compelled to construct this new Truman Show to accommodate our increased perceptual awakening. And remain in control?
Another question:
What might be driving the Establishment to do this? Not out of the goodness of their hearts wanting to share Tesla Free Energy with us surely.
Could the High Freemasons have known Earth and our Sun and Solar System are entering great changes due to entering a different area of the galaxy like Mayan Prophecy states?
Is Time going to start functioning differently? How does this situation interact with our Consciousness? What does it mean for us?
And another question:
Could climate change actually be real and the Globalists have no control of it except to try and buffer it with Tesla scalar technologies? Could the Globalists be therefore blaming all this on MMGW as a reason to exploit this situation and enslave us more?
How do the Secret Space Programmes fit into this? Could there actually be benevolent factions going to help humankind navigate these changes and defeat the enslaving Satanist Globalists who run CERN trying to play God?     Questions Questions .....  - Adam



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