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Hi some very interesting things and concepts you go into here Lisa. Things that have certainly played on my mind as I have tried to assimilate, make sense of, this huge multidimensional Interdimensional Tapestry that is taking place and playing out right now in what I've realised is clearly a Spiritual War. There's simply no other way to make sense of our bizarre world, unless it's to step back and realise forces good and bad operate in the Etheric plasma astral or whatever realms. And the natural way of reality seems to be things that happen there filter down and start manifesting in our realm.  I feel we are in a proxy war, down here, and forces of good and evil up there are fighting it out and competing to influence and hijack the souls of us down here.  Luckily we at Starship earth our Hearts and Spirits are clearly and solidly on the side of Good fighting however we can to pull the timelines in the right way.  It is awesome in a way.   I think Stan Monteith who's lecture I watched a few years ago, was right
BTW it's interesting what I've been reading. Actually using foods and certain supplements and detoxification strategies and a certain downward energy meditation to pull more Etheric energy into the body etc. by. By making the body more yang macrobiotic ally. This causes changes in our Etheric body, and these changes then can get reflected in our physical bodies which truly blows my mind and makes me realise just how our body, cells, physiology, health, reality seem to work totally differently than I ever imagined.  Not in a Newtonian way, but a sub quantum way.
You say some very important things about the spaceX rocket and Cobra , things I have contemplated a lot on I must reply to.   I have not time now but will reply in a comment below later today. Feel free to comment on here if you want, to say hi, and all Srarship Friends are welcome here too

To end, I'll just say this. Cobra has provided me with a lot of comfort. But I have had similar thoughts to you. It could be a scary thought , if Cobra is another cabal narrative Truman. Show disseminator
I dearly hope there really are good factions looking out for us. This topic needs a proper reply bye for now Adam


  1. Hi Lisa there is so much to say and strands of trains of thought. But let me go through a bit and analyse and put points to you from your 11.10 comment
    - G20 straight after SpaceX being shot by UFOs. I'm not sure but I'd imagine the G20 meeting in Beijing was planned weeks or months ago? However if it was hastily arranged after spaceX that would be highly suspicious. Note the not so subtle all seeing eye in the G20 logo btw. '' so many of these meetings lately, way more than I ever remember.. I wonder why…'' . My gut feeling Lisa. Seeing as they bang on so much about climate change. And even though we know it's not man made or CO2 which is globalist communist J Marxist Orwellian bullshit. And even though Al Gore with his hockey stick has got rich through his Deceptions. Al Gore I feel will have had a mission too to confuse and discredit the entire climate issue. Kicking up so much disinformation dust, allowing the globalist Freemasons more time and distraction cover.
    I think it would be a mistake Lisa to say to ourselves, no the climate isn't changing. It most probably is. As you interestingly point out today we've left the Sagittarius arm and moved closer to Alcyone Galactic central sun. Our moving through the galaxy alone, and all our other planets in solar system buzzing now with higher energies. Plus historical evidences of some great flood on earth. Plus Hopi Indian and Mayan prophecy. Plus, Mehran Keshe in sep 2015 during a talk with his whiteboard telling us he has very very good news. ( Magrav free energy etc) And very very bad news ( a second sun which is going to make earth less habitable over next 30 years) but Keshe may be wrong about the less habitable bit. Contd part 2 below

  2. Bottom line here Lisa I've noticed like you the increased frequency of G20 and climate meetings. I've noticed Gates stockpiling seeds in a Norway mountain. Behind G20 closed doors I think red kachina discussions and classified updates may well be happening. This must mean Ken from Redefinggod s recent Nibiru BSscam article....ken might be a good disinfoer or mistaken. It's about as you say Lisa using discernment and weighing the evidence, keeping an open mind, spinning many plates hypotheses. For reasons I'll discuss soon, I don't think we have any reason for fear. But I certainly sense the G20 Globalists are making all these plans as this now has all the signs the OWO deceptions on humanity are numbered as everyone's going to be jolted awake.
    I think Ken has done a good genuine job convincing me the BRICS thing is not to be trusted. Right hand left hand Freemasonic Hegelian dialectic. East vs West
    You are prob right Dragon family's too.
    Ok so Lisa let me ask....let's say Cobra is not to be trusted either. What's his angle? His PFC Q&As I can tell I sense, aren't listeners questions. They're good questions, but it's being acted out like theatre to teach and awaken the public on Leyline, esoteric, spiritual matters and more. And some very good questions they are too. Therefore Lisa we have to ask: why is the cabal via cobra ( yes Wilcock Goode too but let's stick with cobra) throwing out all this secret mystery school knowledge? Are there black magic deceptions contained within? Here are some if my recent feelings about Cobra:
    - A second sun red kachina is played down not discussed not an issue. Might that be part of cobras mission?
    - I notice , and he sounds very plausible. Him say there's been so much intentional deception and confusion on Sitchin and annunaki that Sitchins interpretations aren't to be taken notice of
    - OK fair enough. Could this be where cobra is a cabal deceiver?
    - However Lisa. Sitchin was a Freemason. How can a Freemason have put out such an Annunaki Nibiru story if it was all true? Freemasons lie and deceive and hide and never tell the truth .
    - A few other points. Yes I know the cabal uses their Tesla weaponry to create storms, earthquakes too, droughts. Some might say there is no climate change, no Nibiru gravitational pole shift effects. It's all cabal deception smoke and mirrors Truman Show. But Keshe mentioned the 2 nd Sun.
    I'll leave the discussion here for now. But I do want to get on discussing data points and possible evidence for and reasons for optimism for us too, and seeing if you identify and feel the same

    - Oh BTW the 400 relationship if earth moon sun sizes and distances. This alone should tell us if not annunaki, some extremely advanced civilisation shaped our moon and placed it and maybe earth too where they are now. Not random chance no way. So there's a smoking gun for us
    Bye for now :)


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