Schroedingers Cat

The power of our thoughts seems sometimes almost limitless.

Our thoughts are still a mystery to scientists but new studies promise interesting results that people of all ages can find useful in their daily lives.

We have previously seen how our thoughts possess the immense power to change our reality.

( Adams comment: I think this means, if we are scientists observing the photon, and indoctrinated by society and the BBC which way the photon will bounce off mirrors. Then our consciousness will make the photon go that way.  Also with the slit experiment. Our beliefs and expectations via the BBC and school and indoctrinating society, will dictate whether it's a wave ora photon. 
This must mean if we are told by the BBCNews24 Schroedingers 
Cat is dead inside the box. Then it is dead. 
My sense and conclusion is our whole reality doesn't work like I thought.
It astounds and takes my breath away but as I stand back and try and work it all out this explains a lot about our insane world. 
I am still grappling to understand in simple explainable terms what is going on but I'm closer than I was this time in 2015 for example