Hi Lisa I think you're really nice
I read recently a sits show article today but can't find the link. How voting or even registering voting is a sign of our consent and spiritual capitulation where the cabal can the ride roughshod over us
Well no more.
I have read about Sanders approx 1970 some articles he wrote. He had some odd strange repulsive thoughts about marriage and relationships and sexuality . Very odd guy to be involved in our public life. And then I've read and seen elsewhere on articles and YouTube. Sanders when challenged by truth seeker journalists asking very valid piercing right on questions. Responded with a wall of standard bullshit. Defending the whole political system. It's clear to me he's a high Freemason at least.  Let's not talk about insane Hitlary. I think we can agree, she needs dismantling thrown into the galactic central sun.  Let's not forget Trump, I commented a while back is a Jesuit, and Jesuits and their order are crypto Jews. Black nagic and Kabbala I'm sure are what's going on. Trump family owning 666 fifth avenue is interesting
My sense Lisa is we don't need elections, politicians , and the system. But if we are to be pragmatists , hoping for the best out of bad candidates, yes Trumps the one. Divine spiritual interventions may also be at work and Trump maybe a catalyst even if he doesn't realise it and he's sold his soul to Satan. This is a complex world
I have some interesting things to say about the annunaki and postulate and try and separate truth from lies. Plus 101 other things us like to chat about too
Another time
To end. I'm watching Stargate film now. Paul  Laviolettes book genesis of the cosmos , is interesting. He says Hollywood was alerted to his book then in 1994 made the Stargate film which may well have cabal agenda overtones as the vermin satanists seek to control the narrative
Nevertheless Stargates an interesting film
However... Are Stargates only physical stone moveable rings? Or are they fixed locations on earth, Leyline intersection vortex points like Sedona Arizona and Stonehenge and Buckingham palace and more?
Or.... Is activating, detoxifying, renourishibg the whole body and pineal gland the key to activating our own Stargate inside our years? An uncalcified pineal gland ?


  1. I have read the technology exists, even Gold can be produced . You see, apparently the secret government have used free energy and played with it and in black project labs over the last 80 years at least. And incredible Etheric soul technologies . Apparently the secret space programmes load into the Etheric dimension software data of molecular make ups of gold, silver , many other things. I've read though not vegetables. They still get grown naturally. Should we be watching TNG Star Trek again for important info?


  3. Hi Adamspiritual warrior, thank you for the complement,your very sweet, I also find you very nice and a gentleman ... you are very awake and Im lovin it... yes trump may be the tool of the good guys.. we may not even get to election before all crap blows up.. I have voted maybe 3 times in my whole life, deep down I must of known its a game and the renegade parasites at war with mankind are the creators of that game, I do not vote and for a long time now I have known about voter fraud. Yes, this is a spiritual war taking place on many planes and on the physical plane here too.. This battle will be the last between light and dark.. We are at war with the snake families tall whites, some greys all reptilian/draco vlash vrs all of mankind in this galaxy! The great awakening and the higher energy being blasted to Earth to reawaken Mankind and their souls all coming from the good guys and weakens the parasites here in the physical along with their hybrids... no fear for Mankind and her Allies are victorious but some clean up work happening and a few scuffles going on. We will see some action by the Star Families soon on Earth for they are going to take out all the demi gods aka cabal owo aka old world order.. they were never new.. They will remove the remainder that lives to face the Galactic Councils at Alcyone our central sun...The Renegade parasites will be held accountable but in the cross fire of this war some innocents may die when the star wars happens at our level and is seen by all but they go to the higher planes with new bodies.. Our bodies will get upgraded and reconnected also and Earth will get revamped.. Stay open always, could it go down a bit different than I say, maybe but it will go down something similar to what I say.. whither you remember or not you are probably fighting in the higher and lower planes against these parasites...your spirit or soul leaves your body every time you sleep. do you remember any of your dreams...some do some dont for their own protection.. but it is is very complex in a way with all the disinfo going around but we all must stay open and use the greatest discernment... We all will know everything soon... Bright Blessings to you friend.. :) <3 >A<

    1. The arctic Inuit have noticed the sky stars earths axis has tilted. Also in Florida beaches are vanishing, sea has been in Central Miami dublinmick reports, he says mike rivero is a shill, mike no change rivero he calls him.
      However if the message from Mathew is to be trusted plus loads of other data points any climate shift there are powerful forces going to use technologies to soften the blow for humanity allow plenty if adjustment time. It spells curtains for the cabal though

    2. UFOs seen over volcanoes should give us clues enough and reason for reassurance technologies exist and are being employed to buffer the effects on earth if whatever galactic phenomena is taking place. We might ask ourselves, are the UFOs over volcanoes simply our satanist friends certain factions at least, the cabals SSPs suppressing volcanic eruptions? We could ask ourselves Lisa if maybe the Pharisee satanist Freemasonic etc etc cabal, actually have an interest in, reason for wanting to stabilise earths conditions and climate as much as possible as this keeps them in power? I could have this wrong though.
      Although clearly there's cabal elements hell bent on destruction if earth.
      Or maybe the earth changes are inevitable and largely out of the cabals hands despite HAARP?
      My deep inner sense tells me definitely our planet, one way or another, by whoever for whatever motivations. Is being artificially buffered, stabilised, protected.
      I don't know how reliable this is, was it Giza Death Star cartels space news I read.... Russia was rolling out ssp type technology with lasers to vaporise incoming meteors.

      Interesting in your comment you mention how you don't trust cobra. But you still feel and know the Event is real. That must mean Cobra is selling lies somewhere but wrapped up in many Event truths. Or maybe Cobras legit?
      Maybe soon Lisa the Red Kachina effects are going to be much more and that's going to force the cabals hand, where SSP technologies are going to be forced to become more visible, as they protect and stabilise? Blowing the Truman Show wide open? Star Wars too though like you say I don't doubt.
      Look how much I've typed sorry for going on typing so much :)

  4. The Starship reply button vanishes the links too long, this is a shorter link but click on here this is what I want you to read

  5. hahah Adam, love your newest post great sense of humor( Let's not talk about insane Hitlary. I think we can agree, she needs dismantling thrown into the galactic central sun.) hahahah great line and that may be what heappens to her and the rest of the cabal, I know they all leaving Mankind world soon.. And barney rubble is part of the system, cabal.. they are all actors and if there is a stage it is demi ego based god ver ment rats.. oh and sick demented hollow weird heads akak hollywood aka, trees they make wands out of? umhummm who are the mouth piece for the evil cabal system,, yes its a game, I dont vote.. They have no consent of mine for anything ever...

    1. Glad you like my attempts at humour. It's important for us to keep smiling;) I'm posting this again ere for Starship
      Lisa. This might be the Superwave LaViolette talks about. Maybe phone towers, vaccines and Smartmeters are meant to suppress what's described below. And maybe the real reason for the CHEMTRAILS PROJECT is to stop these incoming waves activating our DNA jolting us into the Satya Yuga next phase of wonderful evolution leaving the Kali Yuga behind? Maybe Freemason Sitchin and Nibiru really is a bullshit story by the cabal to do all they can to stop this Superwave Upgrading from taking place, with fear black magic? It really doesn't feel right that High Freemason Sitchin would in any way be a true Messenger of Truth for humanity . Freemasons are like HATTER, they distort and twist and spin. So something's definitely up...

      This is a synopsis of the tap article…Wave X Awakening………..
      “……. a powerful wave of gamma light is expected to arrive from the Galactic Core. It apparently happens every 3,500 years and, is thought to be the next step in the evolutionary cycle of man.
      In reference to DNA, Russian studies have found that DNA can create magnetized wormholes in the time space fabric. DNA acts as tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe, through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. Researchers found that with the presence of light (photons), DNA ACTIVATION and thus EVOLUTION can occur……”

    2. wow, My post just vanished hahaha

    3. I will try again.. Yes Adam, Our DNA will change in the blink of the eye, that fast.. This is what they call the Event, or Shift of the Ages or Galactic Wave coming inbound from Alcyone our central sun and its gonna hit us very soon.. More than that is happening right now but that will be a big one... As in stichen, yes like hatter truth twisted and spun...

    4. Profound comment Lisa. I can sense you are on the ball, you know what's what, your antennae , you're tuned in. What you say sounds very positive

    5. Thank you Adam..Whatever it is its ingrained in my soul.. your not so bad yourself are like a sponge for info, humm reminds me of me...It takes one to know one and in this case its awesome...Thanks so much for sharing.. so enjoy our talks to get to the bottom of things

  6. Oh and Adam, I will see if I can explain this to you simple, you have not been locked out of comments, they do this to mess with us.. I will sum it up.. when you are writing a comment and it starts to get long the screen you are writing on in the inside of box goes up as you write.. when the post gets long the words start to move up and u cant see them..well if you want to see beginning of your post take your mouse inside the box, hit the right side of your mouse in white part on side of post and hold it down and move words up or down, you have to do is inside the box that your writing in put your arrow inside the box to the right and hit the right side of your mouse and it will move the post up or down.. keep going down with the mouse and post to send line will be shown but it wont show the beginning of your post.. you know if u hit the right side of your mouse you can make your screen fly fast up or down... same premise but you do it inside the box your writing in.. makes a circle when you do that, do you kinda know what im talking about?

    1. Hi Lisa thanks. I didn't realise wands were made out of holly wood. So that must mean the entire creators of Hollywood are black magician Spellcasters then possibly with links to Kabbala and J black magic to bewitch the world. Spells must be cast on billions of humans over last 80 yrs watching Hollywood films .
      Thanks for the mouse advice. At present I only have an iPhone and don't think the text box thing you said would work since it's only my finger on the screen
      But once I get my laptop screen replaced I'm sure I can play about with the text box like you suggest

  7. yep not sure about the cell, hollowood yes are drk majick but good guys got in there too, writers, artist ect, those behind the scenes and such but sense the late mid 90's early 2000 the drk controllers took over.. is why you dont see many good actors or new movies, all old regurgitated movies different titles sometimes.. most of the good people left and preform live stage if they enjoy acting.. all others who disagreed with the spell casters left or were killed and sacrificed.. ya these guys are very low energy drk and demented minds but still know good guys are filtered through all groups on this planet and when the time is right they will make themselves known in all me all the prasites, there like power hungry demented soul wise retards.. have very little power left as energy gets higher.. like I said before, they are getting compressed, like squished, must be uncomfortable for sure.. and yes, when u get laptop do as I say and u can post

    1. Hi Lisa

      OK here's some high octane speculations:

      It's getting close. Were really bang into the time now. That Kameran Faily put the fear of God into me in January on the Camelot Kassidy interview. He said 40 days after Ramadan ended I think.
      I am daring to hope and think and realise and dream that maybe either:
      - Nibiru really is a globalist NWO deception as a massive fear red herring distraction to try and counteract the tremendous DNA activation energies flooding in now the Chemtrails project tries to stop . Promoted by high Freemason (Jew?) Sitchin. Yes I know Heiser is also a Freemason I think ( I think he's a Jew as well). So we have 2 people from the same Tribe telling very different tales. But it's possibly irrelevant anyway because either Nibiru is fake. Or if it's real...
      - then whispers and things being said. This person James Gilliland who I think seems credible.
      - OK cutting to the chase, I think there is a HUGE presence above of our Star Families with hyper advanced technology not only protecting us from the cabal ( SpaceX Shootdown) but stabilising our planet. And possibly even pulling Nibiru out the way. My point is, I think we really are being looked after. As each week goes on after Faikys prediction I feel more and more confident to say this and say Laura Walker is right: we are on the cusp of a beautiful Second Renaissance Magic Carpet golden age the cabal can't block. I just know Chemtrails are to block the Sun and Galactic Central Suns DNA upgrading energies for our Satya Yuga evolutionary step.
      - To back up what I say see this. And it's a mainstream paper reporting this too

      Mystery four-armed UFO orbits the sun in startling footage that ... › ... › Nasa
      2 days ago - Get daily news by email. Is this 'four legged UFO' sucking energy from the sun?

  8. Hi Adam, Ya some confusion on the ground for sure, part of their agenda 21 is to throw so many monkey wrenches out into the truth post no one knows whats up or down.. I know the cabals time is very very short, yes they are blocking some of the energies coming in to wake the populace up, its not gonna help them.. They are gonna get a huge ass kicking soon, maybe sooner than I think.. if they keep pushing their shit with all their weapons against Mankind, Yes we do have major protection.. All will see that soon.. Its getting close, I can feel it...

    1. Thanks for this intuitive ( and reassuring) reply Lisa keeping me in the loop since my PAYG internet data means at present I'm listening to no radio interviews, no YouTube clips. So I'm relying on reading and talking and commenting. I feel it too Lisa something's going down , going to happen..

    2. Hi Lisa. To save BPs bandwidth space I'm pasting my reply to 'Unknown', here.
      Hi Unknown. The college kids who have appeared in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, and other MSM outlets, on a shoestring budget putting a Gopro on it. Are obviously Deep State psyops to reembed the Spherical Spinning Ball Jesuit 500 yr old Psyop.
      The real ''psyop'' going on , is the '' CIA psyop to divide truthers ''
      Its the ultimate triple quadruple bluff.
      'can't accept there are ETs that aren't demons', That's not the point I was making at all :) Confusing the concept of ETs and Spiritual Beings.
      Everything is Spiritual extra/inter/transdimensional.
      There is an intrinsic truth certain people would like us to not grasp, whilst pushing the Spielberg ET narrative 3D ET thoughts into our subconscious minds.
      Its not tough at all but very clear whats going on.
      More and more are onto the deception taking place from demonic races and presences from the underworld


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