A Time Of Change Is Upon Us. The Veil Between Our 3D World and 5D Spirit World is Collapsing. We WIll Be Fine. The Rapid Spreading Of Self Buildable 10KW Free Energy Devices WIll Very Soon Begin The Social, Economic Remodelling Decentralisation Process Replacing the Pyramid WIth Geodesic Dome Society Structure

IDSW- As we know. ancient peoples who are knowing and advanced about the other metaphysical planes of existence, and galactic cycles. Such as the Hopi Indians, or Mayans, Maoris, or Kalahari men, or Aborigines. Or the deep rich wealth of knowledge in Vedic India. (Abraham is actually Brahma, showing how ideas and things were derived or even plundered from Indian truths). As we know, Prophecy that these people pass down isn't to be ignored but actually has valuable truths.

Sadly though, since the Saturn worshipping Death Cult of International Satanist Babylonian Talmud Elite International Jewry that has its strongholds in City of London, The Vatican, and Washington DC took hold on this planet where Masculine energy took over rather than the Divine Feminine (or should masculine/feminine ideally be in balance?). sadly they have built approx. 147 underground cities with all the  mod cons, powered by Nikola Tesla Free Energy. Connected via underground trains. All this going on beneath our feet, and our VAT and NI and Income Tax and Car Tax and Petrol Tax and....etc. Has paid for it all.

Its an illusion we need taxes to run hospitals. A country can thrive generating its own cash without taxes. If you remove the Parasite Talmudist Satanist International Central Bankers who 'lend' a nation the money which must then be 'repaid' in an ever increasing downward spiral of debt enslavement which is purposeful design.

All these underground cities have been in anticipation of Divine Galactic time of change Interdimensional Bleedthrough time now upon us. We have been taxed, stolen from every which way to pay for this. And fund exotic secret space programmes as well. Yes Star Trek is real and here now. The USNavy and Air Force has Interstellar fleets. However White Hat elements do exist from positive secret socieities and are embedded in these structures so its not a totally bleak picture.

The Talmudists with their origins perhaps going back to the High Priest caste from ancient Egypt or even Atlantis, who suppressed REAL PHYSICS TRUTHS from the people and instead dressed things up in weaponised controlling religion. Have been sowing their version for these unique times now so that they will not lose control and instead create their sick NWO One World Government where Antichrist Noahide Talmudic Law is rigorously enforced and the Bolshevik 60 million slaughter of white Russian Christians will look like a picnic.
(BTW why doesnt that get reported when instead we have the 6 million Lie and Holohoax TM rammed down our throats?!)
This isn't going to happen by the way. But we do have a profoundly sick enemy in our midst whose currency is Deception and Lies and are antihuman in their outlook, as Ronald Bernard the ex NWO banker has explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUuQjLYdKCo

Despite being in a time of change. Things are actually pretty good if we are ready. Central to this is self buildable free energy machines which this IDSW blog is forging ahead with. Small farming greenhouse things too, are very important. If we align with our spiritual centre and tap into the divine good Force that's all around. We are going to do just fine and theres a Beautiful Future awaiting -IDSW (As well surely the emergence of all the suppressed Secret Space programme technologies are going to help us on earth get through this time now - with any luck. UFOS are regularly seen pacifying volcanoes using powerful Tesla Scalar technology) - IDSW



The fact Earth’s populations face a common enemy, global corporatists and their army of investors is the very manifestation of prophecy in it’s darkest of realities, humanity is under siege as prophesized. Connect the dots, it’s in your face so you surely can’t ignore it now but many choose too.

Within prophecy it is well stated we will face a rash of bogus and misleading interpretations of real prophecies from self described or shill oracles. The presence of these charlatans is in itself a sign or verification of the era we live, ‘The Time of Change’, no more no less. So buyer beware.What people must grasp in order to survive the present & cope with the future is that pesky spiritual connection deal everyone seems to ignore all the time. This can be found within the context of your oral tradition, religious or ideological teachings. I’m not here to convert you, just wake your ass up. Don’t be a sheeple, be your own guide and find your spiritual connection with the Creator, and stick to it. Learn to stand alone against bad spirits since you will be alone when they strike.


You must make that sacred connection so you can tell the differences between spirits that will soon flood our level of existence. Many people are already freaking out over ‘seeing’ apparitions or hearing ‘voices’, gawd. Yeah, so they are already here, get over it. If you had your spirituality in order you would not be such a pantie-waist when some lame spook floated through your longhouse. All dogmas have ways of identifying good and bad spirits so learn now or pay the price later.

Surviving the new era ain’t nothing but a meat-ball paisan, capice? You don’t need another human to be your liaison with the Creator, G*ddess, G*D, Maheo, or what ever you call your sacred dude, Great Mystery or ????. Your connection with the Creator is a sacred one and this bond should be honored within your tradition. I walk the path of my people but in reality it’s nobodies frigging business. There are many paths that point the same way so don’t buy into weaponized religion, holy war crap.

Spirituality was never meant to be complicated, a marathon reading exercise, pilgrimage to Machu Pichu with the Dali Lama’s Uber driver Eloy or becoming a bald headed incense dealer at DFW. No matter what path you walk you must be totally confident and capable of standing alone. You will be alone at a very inopportune moment when you get confronted with bad spirits and you will be vulnerable. Your dogma holds the key to surviving and it requires absolute faith. So pay attention.

Don’t go ‘ga ga’ over spirits with bags of glitzy parlor tricks because that should be a sign or red flag this translucent douche bag is not a ‘cool’ or good spirit. Spirits that are basically good guys don’t run their mouths about how spiffy they are or give excuses. Just remember, any spirit can talk trash and spooky stuff, even the spirit of a dead wino. Also, beware of man’s holographic ‘Second Coming’ and other scams that will soon flood our conscious & skies. Just a PSYOPS crowd management tactic.

When it comes to your spirituality, you must learn in earnest how to use the tools that are available to everyone when dealing with bonehead bad spirits. Interfacing with the spirit-world is going to make some folks totally loose it. People are already following the orders of some pinhead spirits voice urging them to do stupid things. Clearly when this dimensional interface is in full swing nut jobs will be coming out of the woodwork on a global scale.

On a sidebar, for those who pray to alien types & share dark technology or what ever floats your canoe, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, lizard, gray or plasma beings are just as susceptible to the conditions that will plague us meat encrusted buttheads. They have a spirit too. Get over yourself, they are not G*Ds, just celestial meatheads playing out their hand with some very simple minded & petty beings called humans. Technology is a galactic trinket that is traded with primitive life forms in every universe.

The power of nature is universal and dynamic beyond words and natures laws govern existance. Once you’ve achieved a true spiritual connection and accepted our real reality it’s like a breath of fresh air. You come to be aware of other properties we all possess that enhance our perceptions. Identifying a bad spirit is only a matter of feeling their medicine, aura or essence. Telepathy is more an instant download. Rather than having a conversation, you get total understanding with no words. That is the real world or universe.
Just because you are having ‘premonitions, visions or fitful dreams does not qualify you for a medicine man certificate and a lifetime subscription to ‘I Shaman Magazine’ or anything like that eh. We all have medicine and this is the era our medicine awakens to the actual world around us. Spirits and space guys have been here forever, same with other anomalous beings that existed since time immemorial. Nothing has changed from an ancient oral traditions point of view Mr./Ms. Frybread.

So put away your gourd rattle and tie-died turkey feather fan homie. We all are getting more psychic or more perceptive. Our peripheral vision is not freaking out, we are seeing things zip by us or gawking back at us. It’s our frontal vision dimensional beings can detect eh. They’ve been there forever it’s just now we are able to ‘see’ more. And it’s going to get more obvious. The real challenge is in keeping away from everyone that is going gonzo over the presence of space guys or other beings.

Nowhere in prophecies was it mentioned man would save the planet or themselves for that matter. On the contrary Ma Earth will not be a happy camper and man will be a thorn in her moccasins. Revisionism in prophecy is spiritual political correctness, another word for a strategically placed lie or misconception. Beware of the messengers for they will come from all cultures and besmirch the notion of absolute faith and non violence. They will mock the most vital tool for survival, spirituality.

The secret to surviving the future was carved on rocks and the skin of lambs for eons. Oral traditions from throughout the planet have circulated in epic detail on how it was, how it would be and how to survive the future. This is not the first time Ma Earth had her season and whacked the inhabitance. So it should be a no brainer we need to prepare for the future, collectively if we plan to survive. Record high & low temperatures will be the harbinger of a long & deep freeze. That is our destiny.
(Self buildable free energy devices and really going all out on home growing aquaponics etc will carry us through in a very nice way to deal with this - IDSW)
Elitists have an underground universe in preparation for disaster stocked with food and supplies to last decades beneath the earths crust. Elaborate state of the art water reclamation and oxygen regeneration facilities abound beneath our feet. People already live and work there. So someone is taking prophecy seriously but the sad part is, we are not invited even though we financed their underground utopia. But we have 4g wifi.

Good part is we will not be buried alive when the earth shifts turning underground communities into tombs. Tunnels will also fill with magma & water as Ma Earth heals her wounds according to visions. They say everything happens for a reason. Or is it just poetic justice. Bottom line, you had better get your spiritual act together before you find yourself on the wrong side of prophecy



  1. They will talk to your precious heart, they always walk beside you, they give you the spiritual strength you need as you face your troubles on Mother Earth.
    Pray to them before you lay down to rest and they will guide you in your dreams, they are the Great Spirits blessings to you, they are the ones who come to love and heal others through you.
    Surrender yourself to them and they will be one with your spirit, open your heart to these spirit animal guides and they will fill you with the good medicine that will benefit you and all who sit in the sacred circle with you.
    “But the great spirit has provided you and me with an opportunity for study in nature’s university, the forests, the rivers, the mountains, and the animals which include us.”
    —- Walking Buffalo, STONEY
    What we really need to learn is how to live life.
    Nature is the greatest university when we want to learn about balance, harmony, the Natural Laws and how to live life.
    But we will never learn unless we spend time in the “living university.”
    Nature is full of examples, lessons, and exercises about life.
    Nature will help humans learn.
    Nature will help humans heal.
    Nature will help with Medicine, knowledge, and healing.
    The reason our Elders are so wise is because they have attended the right educational system – nature’s university.
    Great Spirit, Help Me To Become Wise....
    © Don L. Coyhis - Th Four Seasons

  2. 1947 was the year of the Roswell crash and when Israel was formed.

    A year later in 1948, a genetic bloodline study was started in Britain to locate gifted children to be used for espionage by the intelligence community.

    This was called ‘Project Anvil’ but changed its name to ‘Project Oaktree’ in the 1950’s.

    Oaktree was under the command of the NSA by this time and was being run from Harwell genetics laboratories in Oxfordshire.

    Project Oaktree was actually set up to locate the descendants of the ‘Tribe of Dan,’ which is the so-called ‘Lost Tribe of Israel’.

    These middle-eastern people were of white skin, and the descendants are not actually lost but kept secret

    They were known as the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ in Ireland and Celtic clans, such as the ‘Campbells’ in Scotland

    The Tuatha De Danann (usually translated as "people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Danu"), also known by the earlier name Tuath De ("tribe of the gods"), are a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology.

    They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland.

    They were teachers of ancient wisdom and the founders of the Druidic priesthood.

    These people are mainly of Celtic/blue blood genetics

    Individuals of Celtic blue blood lines have an RH-negative blood factor.

    RH-negative means oxygen is processed in the blood differently to people with RH-positive blood.

    The amount of oxygen processed by the body makes all the difference in unusual abilities.

    Blood Type Origins – Rh Negative Blood

    Modern Humans NOT ALL from Africa

    Out of africa theory debunked by chinese. all modern human races did NOT originate in Africa, and black africans did not “turn into” the other races 40,000 years ago as the UN backed (jewish funded) lies propose.

    The NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines, and these people are mainly of Celtic/blueblood genetics.

    Individuals with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal/PSI ability, as these cultures have practiced psychic abilities for generations in ancient rituals that have their modern expression in freemasonry; therefore, it is in the genetic memory of people of these bloodlines, even if they have not practiced psychic ability themselves
    Stacy Flanagan


    The kundalini serpent lies coiled at the base of the spine. Through meditation, the fiery serpent ascends.
    This is what is known as "Raising the Devil."
    There are 33 vertebrae in the in the human spinal column.
    We often hear the term "33rd degree Mason" or that Christ lived 33 years.
    The kundalini serpent ascends the 33 vertebrae of the spine.
    The original religions centered around the reverence for the serpent.

    The serpent is the symbol of the kundalini.
    The "Tree of Knowledge" is really the map of the human soul.
    It is seen in nearly every ancient religion pre-dating Judeo/Christianity.
    The trunk symbolizes the spine, and the branches symbolize the chakras and the kundalini pathways.

    There are 144,000 nadis (channels for the kundalini life force) within the human soul.
    The 144000 petals of the main chakra or coronal (located to the summit of the cranium) represent the 144000 rays of light originated from all the seven chakras, or centers of energy of the body, deployed and balanced, or again the 144000 vibrations of the divine Creation which travel in the cosmos and that are source of life.

    When we add the number of petals of the five inferior psychic centers, we obtain a total of 48 petals.
    By adding 96 petals of the frontal center (the place of the third eye where the small number must receive its divine mark), we obtain the number 144, symbol of the perfect and expressed spiritual work, that is to say of the marriage between the soul and the personality.

      Sexuality, which is the primary aspect of the life force, automatically came under intense scrutiny by the church.
      The creative energy needed to produce another human life can be used to revamp one's life force which advances and empowers one's soul.
      Obviously sexual activity could not be prohibited, so fear was used to place it under strict regulation.

      Intercourse was only to produce children and nothing more.
      Nakedness became a sin because it led to lust.
      Anything that had to do with the raising of the kundalini was severely attacked by the church.
      The Budda sat beneath the "Bo Tree" and achieved enlightenment.
      "Bo means serpent, as in Bo-A or Boo-Ta.

      The Christian Church stole, twisted and corrupted everything they could from the original religions.
      The fig tree was known as "The Tree of Wisdom" Ficus religiosa.
      The Christian church corrupted this with the placing of fig leaves over the genitals of Adam and Eve.
      The serpent-dragon is linked to Eve, the feminine principle.
      The Kundalini Shakti energy field in Hinduism is represented as a serpent, a feminine power that rises upwards to the crown chakra to meet Shiva, the masculine.

      The merging is the Sacred Marriage in alchemy
      "Satan" in Hebrew means "enemy" and "adversary."
      Now, the word "Satan" goes back much, much further than the Hebrew definition.
      In India, there is a town by the name of "Satana."
      "Satnam" and "Sa Ta Na Ma" are sacred mantras used in kundalini (serpent) meditation.

      The five primal sounds in Ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest known languages are "SA-TA-NA-MA."
      "Sa" means infinity; Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth.
      All variations of the name "SATAN" mean TRUTH in Sanskrit, which is one of the world's oldest and most ancient of languages.
      All of this has to do with the kundalini life force (the serpent) within us. "Jacob's coat of colors" in the bible is the aura.

      The number seven is the chakras.
      The interpreters of the old grimoires have it all wrong about the "seven planets."
      The ancients knew much more than given credit for regarding astronomy.
      Anyone familiar with Chinese medicine and advanced martial arts is aware of the chi (the life force, same as the kundalini) and how it is more active in certain pathways in the body on certain days and hours

      The authors of alchemy texts in those days put their writings in codes in order to escape persecution by the church.
      The sun was another object of veneration for the original religions.
      This was because of the pure, raw power it bestowed and as it is the source of all life.
      Drawing down the moon or absorbing energy from the stars is nothing compared to what can be done under the sun, given the knowledge and training

      The Druids were the oldest priesthood from the oldest civilization on earth.
      Egyptian religion and Judeo-Christianity were plagiarizations and corruptions of Druidic teachings and traditions.
      The word Druid means "Doorway," and also "Servant of Truth."
      This is a tie in to Mary Magdalene's lineage of Priestess

      A number of factors led to the lack of knowledge concerning the Druids.
      Beginning in the first century A.D., the Roman Empire and the Christian Church suppressed the Druid teachings.
      Later, the Saxon invasion of Celtic lands eliminated the memory of the Druids.
      To preserve their knowledge, the Druids went underground and swore solemn oaths of secrecy.
      Stacy Flanagan


    Annette further went on to say, “We can evolve and our frequency can increase without Schumann Resonances making a crazy jump”. I agree with her.

    There is no doubt that the electromagnetic conditions on our planet are changing. The region of space we are in is not the same as it was 50 or even 5 years ago as our solar system spirals through our galactic environment. Our spiritual and physical evolution is being fueled by solar and cosmic activity and many other energetic influences. We are living within a transitional period between extensive cycles with differing energy signatures and our civilisation is adapting to a new consciousness.

    Many indigenous traditions have foretold of this time, and we are certainly seeing awakening and expanding awareness of the spiritual bondage we have been held to for many thousands of years.

    Yes, things are changing. We are changing. The SR’s spike from time to time and we feel the effects of this, but the fundamental resonances are not increasing no matter how many channeled lords and masters would wish you to believe it is so.


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